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Sporniket's log - Game programming while having a busy life

4: Adsense

Week 9-10 : Time to reschedule again

Dear log,

After finishing implementing the game sequence, there are still some boring points to do, like saving and presenting the highest score.

To understand, I have to explain the logic of my framework : a Game is a collection of Gamelets that are independants. For instance, I have a gamelet for the main menu, one for the actual game, etc... And no...

week 7-8 : simple game sequence fully implemented


Last week, I could fully implement the simple game, with some animation for showing the cards at the beginning. This week I implemented the display of the time of play and the number of trials.

And I had to implement again yet another "format time" to convert the total time of play in seconds into the "hour:minutes:seconds". I wanted to use Java...

Week 6 - Main menu up and running

Week 6 - Main menu up and running Hello,

This week, it turns out I got plenty of time to write code : sleeping problems (one night) and motivation on the evenings even after my daughter is finally sleeping, around 22:30 (before, it's not possible to do anything, and I just want to enjoy family time anyway).

So, working on my main menu, instead of re-using directly the ui code I wrote fo...

Time for some python scripting...

Tonight my daughter went to bed early, and my wife want to do her stuff, so I have time for working on my project.

Now I rework how I generate my bitmap font. Generating the font sprite sheet is quite straightforward, but I was stuck at generating the sprite list description file : it's not easy to write a bash script that generate a bunch of lines compu...

Week 4-5 : a little bit of reschedule


As I wrote in my previous entry, I had to rework a big part of my UI buttons, so I decided to redo them using inkscape. But then I cannot follow my initial schedule.

So I decided to reschedule to take into account this work, and spread some tasks that may be not so small after all. Basically, I gave to myself 4 more weeks, and I believe that will...

Week 3-4 : First draft up and running, toolchain to prepare graphic files


Last week I could complete the main planned tasks :
get a running version (swing and android), just displaying the game board. (android snapshot , hope it works)

I delayed the other task to this week (it has been done this early morning :
Create the title picture (just a simple text using a fancy font)

Instead, I consolidated the scripts tha...

Grabbing time for game programming

So, I want to program a game. I choose a modest project (a simple game of memory) that will not require a lot of work. I have an already completed game, so I will take advantage of this by reusing some parts of it to have a working base. My ad-hoc framework for writing my game without worrying about the physical platform (android app or Java Swing program...

A small introduction

Hello world =)

So, I decided to write a game and to log my progress here, but I should first introduce myself.

I will start with the "busy life" part : my regular job is NOT game programming (more on that later). I'm a father since last summer, which takes nearly all my free time at home. Obviously I try to spend some of the remaining time with my wife....