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A small introduction

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Hello world =)

So, I decided to write a game and to log my progress here, but I should first introduce myself.

I will start with the "busy life" part : my regular job is NOT game programming (more on that later). I'm a father since last summer, which takes nearly all my free time at home. Obviously I try to spend some of the remaining time with my wife. So, I have basically a very limited free time to spend writing game.

Now about programming, it has been my work since I graduated with an engineering diploma of computer science and mathematics (oh by the way I'm French =) ), and one of my hobbies for more than 25 years. At work I'm using java (JEE apps), at home I have used java/swing, php, c/c++.

So I'm quite used to Java, and naturally, I will write an android game to take advantage of this. This will be my second game and my third app on this platform, so, obviously, I will not have the problem of discovering a new platform : I have an up and running toolchain (eclipse + ADT, maven) and a working codebase. (If you are curious, here is my previous game : Space Zig-Zag)

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