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cyberspace009's Journal

4: Adsense

Very busy...

I actually have a job!

I've been very busy working as a software developer. I love my job so far and I am learning new things.
I was struggling looking for work but thank goodness that someone contacted me about a full time position in software engineering I.
Today, I am working and trying to start my own buisness.

Game Development :

SDL is a very i...

Planning is important

I am not Dead:
I was a bit busy doing some side Java project for a family friend and got some interviews going on. So far, I was successful on the third interview and hope I get the software engineer position in this small company. In addition, I was returning back to OpenGL and began to work on some unfinished lessons that I wanted to finish. I have big...

New grad looking for work...

New grad looking for work... My personal demons:
Graduating from college was suppose to give a positive future. Sadly, I'm starting to believe it is a false idea. I graduated from college three months ago and expected to find a job in doing the things I want to do. Instead, I see no hope in the state of Florida. I am already looking for work in retail again. I FU**ING hate retail an...

Pixel art is time consuming

Pixel art is time consuming Art is tough:
Pixel art is very hard in my opinion. I have no patience for it and I really suck at it. I might need to work with a pixel artist and I never worked with an artist before. I hope I can work with one in the future.

Code chat:
Enough crying about art. Let me explain my tile engine. The tile engine is using std::ifstream("test.Worldmap");...

So it begins

So it begins About me:
I've been studying SDL as a personal project for the past eleven months now. I graduated from college on June 15, 2014 with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Computer Science. My passion for creating games started at the age of 14. My first programming language was Python and my programming experience would be about three years right now(experi...