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A Wicked what now?

tower defense dungeon builder wicked lair
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HI gdnet people!

Wicked Lair is the project i have been working on for about a month and a half now, its my take on a Dungeon Builder / Tower Defense mashup. The goal in the game is to build out your dungeon going deeper and deeper, and spawning units to defeat the heroes that are constantly trying to raid your Lair and slay you (for the phat lewts?)

In addition to defending yourself, you will also need to send Invading units into town to try to destroy it. Destroy the town before the heroes take down your main guy and you win the game. When building out your dungeon – vertically downwards – you will be able to chose from 12 distinct themes that all have a different focus and different kinds of creatures that you can spawn into them. Some themes may focus on defense, others on invasion or gathering resources, others again might strike a balance.

You may mix multiple themes in your dungeon as you please, hopefully coming up with some fun combinations that augment each other. Each floor may hold three creature spawn and each creature may be upgraded twice to a stronger version of itself with not only higher stats but sometimes new abilities as well. If you build deep enough you may even attract boss encounters to set up their lair on one of your floors.

Then there was spellcasting too.

In addition to the creature aspect of the game your main guy will be able to chose from a range of spells to help turn the battle in your favor. Buff your creatures, deal area damage – that kind of stuff. In order to cast spells you will need mana though, which is gotten through creature gathers and some dungeon-theme specific mechanics

First Look

Attached Image

Attached Image

First look at actual gameplay!:

Thanks for taking the time to read this, i appreciate it!

If you like looking at screenshots and movies about WIP and stuff like this i post those throughout the day to my twitter account, come check it out sometime



Aug 22 2014 04:58 PM

It is like a side version of Dungeon Keeper! really like it and look forward to seeing more posts.

Aug 23 2014 11:34 AM

Thanks for checking it out :)

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