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So much for Creativity

New bug to me

Posted by , 13 May 2009 - - - - - - · 331 views

I actually managed to run into a kind of bug in C++ that's new to me.

struct Base {
void print(void) {}

struct Derived : Base {
void print(void) {

int main(int, char **) {
Derived d;

return 0;

Here Derived::print() wants to call the Base::print() function as part of its implementation. Unfortunately, this doesn't call Base::print(). Base: here is treated as a label before a recursive call to Derived::print() which causes a nice happy stack overflow.

On the plus side, this didn't show up in any actual production code. On the down side, it did show up in the sample exam questions the publisher supplied for a beginner's C++ book. You'd think that for a question along the lines of "what does this code snippet do" that someone would have actually tried compiling and running the code before deciding on an answer.

Week/Class 9

Posted by , 16 March 2006 - - - - - - · 297 views

This week we spent a bit of time reviewing the games for the last six people in my class then spent a bit of time on the basics of GML, the Game Maker scripting language. That corresponded to the first six pages the GML section in the Game Maker help file. After that we spent a very short time with the 3D tutorial from the
Game Maker site.

I think for my next Game Maker project I might try implementing Dodecahellspawn in Game Maker. Given the fact that Game Maker only implements a subset of D3D and I don't think that includes access to the depth buffer, it should be quite challenging.

Week/Class 8

Posted by , 09 March 2006 - - - - - - · 403 views

So last week we spent the first half going over the platformer tutorial from the Game Maker website. Then we spent the second half grading each others game projects. We were supposed to give three to five minute presentations followed by group grading. I think some of my classmates have a time management deficiency, as most presentations went well over five minutes. That left six people who hadn't presented at the end of class.

Anyways, peer grading went by the numbers by category.

Gameplay 6 pts
Features 6 pts
Visuals 6 pts
Creativity 6 pts
Sound 3 pts
Documentation 3 pts

Strangely, the original grading was supposed to be 20 pts for the project and 7 pts for the design documentation. Somehow this got turned into 30 pts for the whole thing, but only 3 pts for the design document. This seems like crap to me, but probably worked out for most of my classmates as a whole they produced crap for the design docs. Mostly they just had simple play instructions without any detail about design. Admitedly the template we were given for the design docs was the half-page design doc for 1945 in the shooter demo, so the example wasn't that great. However, even if you just put in a single sentence for each of the headings in the 1945 doc you'd still half twice the amount of text that they had. I'd probably be less bitter about this point if the project deadline hadn't been extended twice, and the design doc requirements had been one of the week one requirements.

In any case, electronic hand-in doesn't seem to be working for me, so I uploaded a copy of my gm6 file to my webspace here and sent the instructor a link. This has the side benefit of allowing any of you with a registered copy of Game Maker to look at the file too.

Week/Class 7

Posted by , 06 March 2006 - - - - - - · 387 views

Yeah, late update on this one. I've been sick. Last session still most people had not completed their game projects, so there was another week extension. The teacher has stated this was the last one though. So we did presentations/group debugging sessions with what we had. Some of it was interesting; one guy looks like he wants to do a Scorched Earth clone. I don't think his implementation is the right way to approach things though. A lot of the appearance of the original Scorched Earth were due to implementation details, and the guy is reimplementing the appearance without concern of how that implementation will impact performance. I.e. creating missile trails by creating a number of single pixel objects. Works in simulating the appearance, but not so happy performance-wise.

And yes, my project was done. Done done. Ready to turn in and all that jazz, which makes the extension somewhat annoying to me. It's about ten megs, so I'll only upload it if you someone actually demands it. The background music is in wave files, as the mp3 versions of the music caused some bizarre audio effect defects (appears to be a GameMaker issue). If I get the time I might upload versions with mp3 audio complete with audio defects.

Week/Class 6

Posted by , 23 February 2006 - - - - - - · 220 views

In yesterdays class we finished the maze tutorial for the first hour, then we spent the rest of the time demoing the programs we've produced. I only spent a couple hours on mine and felt sure that I was going to get a failing grade on it, but it turns out that most of my classmates produced things that were far, far below what I had done. A suprising number were just a single room with a ripped sprite moon walking (the moonwalking being a bug that was quite common). The consequent lowering of the bar made my piece of crap look quite nice in comparison.

The teacher pushed back the due date for the assignment till next week. Oddly, the design document now needs to be placed as part of the program in the game information section. This isn't something I expected, otherwise I wouldn't have replaced the F1 functionality with my warp to the next level cheat button.

In interests of full disclosure, I'll post my train wreck of a game. It's a more or less blatant rip off of Gradius/Life Force, though it's 100% programmer art and not ripped sprites. (I swear some of my classmates spent more time looking for sprites than they did programming.) I finished about a level and a half, but I got most of what I wanted for the power-ups done.

Or not. Gamedev doesn't be seem to be accepting my uploads. I'll try again later.

Week/Session 5

Posted by , 16 February 2006 - - - - - - · 245 views

Again not much happened in class. We finally finished the 1945 tutorial from the Game Maker site, and did a quick run through on the Maze tutorial. The assignment for next week is to produce a game and write a design document for it.

Week/Session 4

Posted by , 09 February 2006 - - - - - - · 216 views

Yesterdays session was again fairly boring. We just went thorugh steps three and four of the 1945 Game Maker tutorial. For next week we're supposed to think of a game for our first game project. I'm thinking about doing something like the Gradius series. If you're an old school gamer, you may find it more recognizable under the name Life Force, which I believe was actually the second Gradius game.

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