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Journal of ToohrVyk

4: Adsense

4E4 fighting

=== Fighting

Fighting happens like this: every character in the game has limbs they can use to strike (they can have weapons, or be used bare).

== Weapon damage

When a character strikes, the weapon damage is computed based on the weapon used and the character's skill with it (the weapon may perform some checks or randomization of values of its own,...

4e4 math

I am currently working on the basic math behind the 4e4 entry gameplay.

There are basically two checks that will be used whenever you need to do something. They are:

- The linear check, which compares the value of an attempt (useful abilities and bonuses) against a difficulty (based on defensive abilities of the target and bonuses). Basically,...


I have decided to enter the GDNet 4E4 contest. I will attempt to create a roguelike game in Objective Caml, probably with ASCII graphics. It will feature Ninjas and Pirates as character classes, as well as Robots and Zombies as character species.

A quick brainstorming led to some "catchy" skill names for the characters, such as "Plundering Aura" or...

Shmup2 and SFL...

... so much for my holidays!

For those of you who don't know me from the #gamedev channel, Shmup2 is the codename for my next PocketPC game. It's way behind the schedule I hoped for and I have to work a lot just to keep up with the milestones.

And on the other hand, we have SFL, acronym for "Some Functional Language", a small language I have to...

Now a subscriber

I finally decided to subscribe for GDNet+ membership. It is only fitting for me to pay back the founders of this community for all the excellent work they invested in it.