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Shmup2 and SFL...

4: Adsense

... so much for my holidays!

For those of you who don't know me from the #gamedev channel, Shmup2 is the codename for my next PocketPC game. It's way behind the schedule I hoped for and I have to work a lot just to keep up with the milestones.

And on the other hand, we have SFL, acronym for "Some Functional Language", a small language I have to create a compiler for in my Compilers course at the ENS. So far, type-checking only works for non-function objects (that is to say, it's completely useless, since functions are first-order objects here), and recursive functions don't compile to correct intermediary code yet, let alone machine code...

Also to be done, an online highscore system for Darklaga : Cannonball Symphony. Not to forget all the homework in math and computer science and economy... oh my!

I think I'll spend half of my time coding Shmup2, half of my time coding the SFL compiler, and half of my time on IRC... I'll do the IRC part first ;)

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