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My Life in 30 Seconds

Posted by , 24 April 2008 · 1,147 views

Hello gamedev. After ages being absent, I'm feeling a bit like Halley's Comet. For the old timers and friends who wondered, "Whatever happened to Wavinator??? Is he dead???" here's the 30-second digest:

I've been out of game development for years, mostly doing database programming for a healthcare company in California. Life and the job took up much of my free time, and the high hopes I'd had for developing an open-ended science fiction RPG where pretty much dead. In fact, I was so disgusted with the whole reality of indie development that I stopped thinking about games or even playing them for over a year.

The funny thing about some passions, though, is that no matter how far you try to get from them they still follow you. I heard this great piece of wisdom recently: "Some barriers in life exist solely to let you know how much you want something." And I can't seem to escape wanting to develop games.

So after a long moratorium, I've found myself going back over old notes and resurrecting bitrotting code (albeit with far less ambition than my previous kitchen-sink designs :P). I've gotten into game development using the Torque engine and have a flying ship with a stellar background up and working as a proto.

Anyways, aside from the fact that I've moved from California to Canada to marry a wonderful woman who happens to live here (we're planning for June), not much is happening.

I'm looking forward to being a part of the gamedev community again.

Nice to see you back! The game design forum hasn't been the same without you. And congrats on the upcoming marriage!

I know what you mean about seemingly having game development in the blood; I can't seem to shake the desire to be working on games despite trying out a bunch of different careers. Guess it's one of those things that'll always haunt you.
Oh my gooses! Welcome back and welcome to Canada! Can't wait to read some of your threads in the game design forum :)
Woohoo! Someone who can make me look succinct!

Welcome back, man [smile]
Woohoo welcome back and welcome to Canada.. where in Canada are you living?
I'm looking forward to lengthy posts from you in the future. Welcome back!
I was only a lurker when you actively posted, I'm glad you're back. It hasn't been the same since you've been away.
Great to see you back, you've been missed.

I can completely understand where you're coming from too. I took a bit of a break from doing any active game development related stuff, and experimented with doing some completely different things, but I just couldn't quite get motivated by anything else.

Anyway, it's good to have you back. And congratulations!

Good to see you back again, and congratulations on the wedding! [smile]
holy $h!t Aaron, every now and then I get to wondering what the hell happened to you, good to see you're still amongst the living! Congrats on the upcoming wedding buddy and look forward to seeing you around more often again [smile]
Wavinator, he's alive! Well then who the hell was in that coffin we buried?

Anyway, you're in Canada? Awesome, I'm probably moving there by the end of the year for college, so with any luck you're in pub range.
Ooo sweet. Welcome back, and congrats on the wedding :D
Welcome back, man =) I've just wandered back in myself.
Welcome back; we missed you. [smile]
Welcome back...
Wavinator? The guy that was posting in the Game Design forum some absolutely crazy ideas for a space game? With devourers of worlds and stuff like that? Wow my childhood dreams just came back to me and hit me like a baseball bat in the forehead! I can't believe you're back on this project, this is so awesome!
:D Glad to see you're back! Your posts were a bit beyond what I was going for in my game projects, but I'm thinking...

Maybe over time, you could catalog your posts and make a nice big list of your ideas and designs for future designers and programmers to benefit from. Heck, you could probably publish a book!

- Matt
Something like Squidi's 300 Game Mechanics?
Hello, I am new here.
I am making a SF game and would love to have you join me. It is still in the starting stages but we have some good models working. It is being written using Panda3d, a great 3d game engine that is open source.

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