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S.H.I.P C.R.A.F.T.E.R - Update #3: 382 Items so far!

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The game is at http://shipcrafter.stillholdsup.com

Ok, it was painful but it's done. The game now has 382 damn items in it, so there should be enough content to progress all the way to level 20. Posted Image I think this should make the game more interesting to test now. This means that a bunch of the items/numbers are unbalanced right now, but just getting the items setup was the time consuming part, balancing them all should be easier and can come later.

New ship chassis: This includes (under Ships > Chassis Types) - 12 new ship chassis! So once you hit level 5 you can buy some different ships and build them up. At the moment they have no special abilities and the stats are kinda out of whack, but this will all be fine tuned later.

Ship Packages - While there are new chassis types, I've not created any new ship packages yet. I figure once the game gets a bit more balanced and people have some good builds going the packages can be created then.

Issues: There's no descriptions for most of these items and it's using the default icon at 0.0 which is the CPU icon. That should make things nice and confusing. Sitting down and coming up with icons for all these items plus descriptions seems like a big task that could be better spent on fixing broken code. I don't suppose anyone wants to help with this do they? Posted Image

Whew, making a browser game is tiring.

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