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Journal of Raduprv

4: Adsense

Moved my journal

In the light of the recent events with gamedev.net, I've decided to move my journal to blogger.com
You can find it at http://eternal-lands.blogspot.com
This will be the last entry in this journal.

Playing with a Pocket PC

While waiting for the EL test server to be tested properly, I was toying with developing for my PocketPC devices.
The tools are free, from Microsoft, but they are the worst programs ever.
For example, MS didn't really bother to implement some libraries in the emulated Pocket PC, so I had to download some 3rd party libs that had no documentation whatsoever,...

Some EL news

For the past 2 weeks, I worked at a new feature, called "hyperspace bags".
The hyperspace bags are basically item containers (up to 10 different items, unlimited quantities for each item).
They are permanent, and will last forever, hidden in the hyperspace, until someone retrives them using a special item.
Their purpose is to hide some stuff, like some...

Some hardware update.

A few days ago I've ordered from tigerdirect.com the final items for my totally quiet PC.

They were a passive big ass, 45 USD heatsink, and a 450W PSU that had a 12CM fan. I've also ordered a nice refurbished wireless keyboard and [air] mouse.

Everything was OK except that the idiots from Tigerdirect shipped me the WRONG PSU. It is a 450W PSU, by the same...


In the last two weeks I worked at the merchant NPC, which is done now. The preliminary testing is also done, and I think they will be introduced on the main server in a week or so.

Other things we've worked at were more of behind the scenes stuff, such as increasing the players limit to 2K, the AI limit to 2K as well (so 4K entities in total),...

How to use a PocketPC with a broken screen

Before I start, a short disclaimer:
I am not responsible for anything in case this goes wrong. Do it at your own risk, and use some common sense.
I've tried this on various Ipaq devices and it worked pretty well, but I have no idea if/how well it works on other devices.

What is needed:
1. A PocketPc PDA with a broken screen.
2. Optional: some...

Yet another new record

Today the new record of online players at teh same time was 645 human playes plus about 50 player run bots. So in total almost 700 clients connected to the server.
The previous record, from the last week, was 598 players.

The server can handle it pretty well, but we are looking for a new server.
I think I found some sweet machine that will cost around...

Eternal Lands birthday

Today EL is 3 years old (since the first public release).
Actually, it was released at about 12 AM, on 14th of February, from Romania.
Which is 13th of February in the central and western Europe, and US.
It seems that we managed to aquire about 200 online players (at the same time) every year, the new record, as of yesterday, being 598 human...