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Journal of Raduprv

4: Adsense

Working at Barren Moon

Well, in the ast two weeks I didn't do much at all for Barren Moon, being busy over my head with some Eternal Lands stuff. Most of it non programming stuff, but still, it takes a lot of time to manage the team, do some customer support stuff, look for bugs, etc.
Now that the update is fine, it's time to focus on the new project. Sadez, one of the...

Next plans

Yesterday and today, in order to celebrate the update being succeesful, and almost everyone enjoying it, I got a little bit lazy and didn't do any coding. I held a contest, in Eternal Lands, being hidden in a secret spot, and promising a nice prize to the one that finds me (sans mods and admins, of course). No one did, so I told them we'll...

Update done

Well, the update went smoothly, there was no incident. The mirrors were updated in the morning, after I was resonably sure that there are no problems.
So far, no one reported any problems, and apparently everyone is happy with the new maps and new features in the client. Soon we will have to add some new manufacturing formulas, so that the players will...

Eternal Lands Update, part 2

Fortunately, my DSL connection worked just enough so I can upload the install file, which is 22 MB. Then it died on me, so I went back to Dial Up.
Everything is ready for the update, the files uploaded, the mirrors not yet updated (it's pointless to update the mirrors now, if the final test shows that something is wrong).
But for the time being, there...

Eternal Lands update

Here we are again to the thing I hate most: Updating the game. Not only that this sucks because I have to upload a lot of files via Dial Up, but it is also annoying that I have to update all the mirrors. Of course, I don't have to use the Dial Up for the mirrors, I just upload it on one server then take it via wget or ftp from that server and...