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Journal of Raduprv

4: Adsense


Yesterday and today we worked at the update, rectifying various bugs and stuff like that. Most of the bugs were problems in the map definitions, such as maps were not connected properly, doors didn't work and so on.
Today I found some time to work at my side project, I made a few GUI changes, such as removing many buttons from the main interface and...

Preparing for the update

Today (actually, late last night but still today) I put the update server and client patch online, so that people can test it.
As expected, many bugs were observed, especially a client crash due to bad map definition files (one entry to a cave had an invalid map id which caused the server to crash whenever someone tried to go there).
Other bugs were...


Eternal Lands:
Today I make almost all of the preparations for the 1 week tests, and I guess that we will start it tomorrow, unless something special happens.
My plan is to get the update done first, and then start adding various items to the game on a weekly bases (adding them all at once is a bad idea, it is better to add them a few at a time,...


Eternal Lands: Right now the client developers are submiting the latest small patches that will enter in the update (in theory we were under a feature freeze, but as long as the patches are minor they are OK). Sunday, if everything is OK, we hsould have the update test running.
I was also talking lately with another former developer who licensed our engine...

Encyclopedia screenshots

So today I almost finished the encyclopedia (there are a few more things to do).

First, the list of categories and which entries each categoty has:

Obviously, it will look much better when I'll actually have some artwork. The right menu will have, in some instances, images rather than a semi transparent black box.

This is how an entry will look...

My new project

I was thinking for a name of the new project, and althought I did come up with a few names, I am still thinking about it.

Today I almost finished the encyclopedia thing, will post a screenshot tomorrow (which will look like utter crap because I lack textures, so I had to make some mock up texture that look worse than the black boxes I use for...


Eternal Lands: We are preparing for the update, pretty much everything is done except for some alst moment changes, testing, and the update itself.
Hopefully, next weekend we will start the pre update tests so that by the end of January it will be done. We have a lot of new items, but have decided not to introduce them all at once but maybe...

The blessing of running an MMO

So I came home today from 8 hours of work (I had to stand most of the time so I was dead tired), I open my ICQ client, and the first thing I see is a message from one of the admins (the only one except for me and my wife) telling me things are FUBAR because today was a random event day (the day of rare manufacturing) and the chances to...