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Journal of Raduprv

4: Adsense

The guild merchant NPC

Right now, I am working at the guild merchant NPC. Basically, there will be a small number of NPCs (about 10, but to be determined) which one guild can hire (one guild can have no more than one such NPC) and for a monthly fee that will be determined via some auctioning ingame system, they will act as the guild's store.

So a guild will be able to...

The business of game development

So, today we went to an accountant, to find out the latest information about this year's taxes and some clarification about our legal status.
He just confirmed what I knew already, and I am going to enumerate some rummors for other game developers:
(keep in mind that this is for US, and the legislation might be different depending on the state)

1. You...

Update done

The update was done today. It went relatively smooth, although there were some incidents which were not really unexpected.
For example, the initial Linux binary crashed on most of the systems because of the latest feature we integrated, which is a semi functional auto update system.
A new binary was provided that now works.
Also, most of the animals...

Tomorrow is the update

Ok, so since no big bugs were discovered in the last few days, and the discovered bugs being all fixed, tomorrow we will update the game.
The Windows packages (full game and update) have been prepared and uploaded in advance, and the players were notified to download them so when we update they'll just install them, rather than have everyone crowd the web...


The EL update is scheduled this weekend (Sunday, I guess), so in the past few days I was busy fixing some minor server bugs and adding a few new NPCs to sell some of the new items.
I am not really happy on the state the client is now (a few graphic glitches and it freezes on my computer every once in a while) but no one else (that I...


January seems to be the month of 'renewal' for me. I just updated my Gdnet+ subscription for another year, recharged my T Mobile prepaid account with 100 USD (and it was a few days too late so I lost my previous minutes), got new shoes, a nice leather jacket..
So much for saving money this year :D

Anyway, while waiting for the EL maps to be fixed and...


Yesterday and part of today I worked exclusively at EL, as we are going to update pretty soon (hopefully this coming weekend).
I fixed a few trade related bugs, added a lot of new items, and in general boring stuff that has to be done. Nothing really creative.

Speaking of EL, the new human players online is 551, the previous record, last week, being...

Some screenshots

In the last few days I worked a lot at my side project.
Right now, I am working at the "display base" thing, and "build new building" stuff.
I have two screenshots for you, which are work in progress, with my 1337 art. Please note that my bad art is done like that on purpose, so the text in some places is not very visible. I am doing that to test...