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Diet Day 22

4: Adsense

February 22nd, 2006, Wednesday - Weight: 109 kg''' . 22
* Today I went to the restaurant and had some fried swordfish with a nice helping of salad. This is where I start to vary my diet. Hopefully I'll go to the pool today, sunday the pool was closed, yesterday I couldnt go, so I got an opening today, and I'll take it thank you, eheheh.

* Went to the pool, didn't really push my times, did around 20 laps, then I slowed down the pace and went slower, must have done 35-ish laps. Felt great afterwards :)

* I'm starting to read the first days of my diet, and wow, I'm really happy I made it this far. 5 kilos are gone, 29 to go :D

* I'm starting to feel the benefits of going to the pool on my daily life. Yesterday I had to pick some papers from the floor and crouched, and felt that my knees where stronger. I also feel "looser" all over my body, and I naturaly walk at a faster pace now.

Feb 23 2006 01:21 AM
If its any motivation Ive skimmed your entries since the start and eagerly await the 90kg benchmark. You better make it or Ill actually be annoyed/angry. >_<. 5kg is a good achievement, I am quite happy for you. It feels me with positive emotion I too can use!
Feb 23 2006 01:39 AM
Excellent stuff - it sounds like it's getting easier for you now, keep it up! :)
Feb 25 2006 02:26 AM
@Daerax: Thank you, it's a lot of work, but I know I have to persevere and just get some resolve. I won't be satisfied till I hit that 80 Kg mark. I've got big plans for myself, which I don't think I'll be able to realize this summer, but I eventually want to learn how to surf, do some scuba diving and learn rock clibbing too. I want to set my body free and do stuff I haven't ever done before...

@Evelyn: Yeah, each day it does get a bit easier, but there are hard times too, when days pass and you don't see the scale moving, and you start thinking "what am I doing wrong?"... As long as I keep exercising regularly and keep myself away from sugary stuff, I don't think I can go wrong...

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