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Diet Day 27

4: Adsense

February 27th, 2006, Monday - Weight: 110+ kg . 27

* Weighted myself today, and I'm back on 110, with a bit more, so 110+. I know I'm a bit constipated, not as regular as when I started, and also I might have eaten too much this past weekend, I stayed away from meat, but I did jump on the cake a bit much, even tough it's simple dry yogurt cake...

* Didn't go to the pool yesterday, stayed indoors, was a great day to go out, but I needed to center myself a bit and be a bit of a couch potato.

* Physicly speaking, I think my stomach is flater, and I also see a change in my upper torso, a very thin change, but it's becoming more aparent that my arms seem thicker and my upper torso is more defined.

* Started doing abs yesterday, did around 26, 1 set, need to do more, much more. The technique I'm using is simple, just place your hands on the side of your body, and let them slide as you push up and down with your head towards your knees. Your hands never leave the ground.

* Tomorrow marks the end of February and the end of the first month of my diet/exercise regimen. There is still a lot of road to walk till Sept 10th, 195 days to be precise...

* Went to the pool, had the pool almost to myself, just another fellow swimmer there, it's great having a noiseless pool, where you can just focus on yourself, your muscles, and the technique you're using, and improve all around...

* When I got home I tried to do some abs, but it's very pitiful. There is still a lot of gut here to sweat out...

Here's my weight progression graphic:

Feb 27 2006 03:42 AM
Holy crap! It's the end of February!
/ Anonymous Poster
Feb 27 2006 11:21 AM
As I clicked on your journal, I thought about asking, "How're them bowels moving?" But there you go, I have the answer.

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