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A Great Escape From Reality

4: Adsense

In my opinion its been long since i have found an arcade game completely addictive. Recently i was introduced to Albatross 18, a great FREE golf game, japanese style.

The idea is that you start off with a generic character called Scout. Each character has certain attributes:

- Power
- Control
- Accuracy
- Spin
- Curve

As you play rounds of golf on any one of the 8 courses of varying difficulty you earn a play-money called Pang. The more of this you earn the more you can upgrade the attributes and therefore the more special shots you can make to in turn earn more pang.

It's in full 3D and is really solidly made, i recommend it to anyone.

Here is a screenie of me putting:

If you decide to give it a go, invite me as a buddy on the game, my username is PutterDave. The i can give you a few lessons.

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