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Using a Nexus 1 with no data plan.

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I recently got a Nexus 1. It's my first Android smart phone (I have a Xoom Tab). What I was hoping to do was use my Nexus 1 with my AT&T plan without having to get a data plan. I've got a weird plan family share situation where I only spend $10 / month on my phone, but it has no data plan.

Get your Nexus 1 to work without a data plan

The Nexus 1 is not tied to any specific carrier. It comes unlocked, so in theory you should be able to get it to work with most carriers. Just to be sure, make sure you check to see if your carrier is supported before you get one.

The first thing to do is go into your 'Settings' menu, and click on 'Wireless & network settings'. Do this before you even put in your sim card. Then scroll down until you get to the 'Mobile networks' option. Go into that menu and uncheck 'Data enabled'. Also, uncheck 'Data roaming' (probably not necessary when 'Data enabled' is unchecked... but do this for good measure.

Set it up for your local Wi-Fi

The next thing you do is hit the back arrow and make sure you have 'Wi-Fi' checked. Then go to 'Manage wireless networks' and add your wireless network in. You'll need to do this anyplace you want to use the Internet. That's the down side to this endeavor. The up side is you save yourself $15 or $20 / month not having to have a data plan.

If you mostly use your internet places where you have a wireless hot spot anyway, it's a cheap alternative to buying a plan. This way I can use my Nexus 1 to make phone calls anywhere, but only use it for Internet access in places with a Wi-Fi Hot Spot.


1.) Make sure you have your mobile networks turned off, or you could get charged a crap load in data fees. AT&T charges $10 / MB if you don't have a data plan and you use their data. That means a 1 Gig movie could cost you over $10,000 to watch. BE CAREFUL
2.) I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE for any charges or expenses you may incur if you try this. This applies to me (Rick Battagline) as well as my company (BattleLine Games LLC.)
3.) DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. It worked for me, but that does not necessarily mean it will work for you. You may get charged by your phone company. That is out of my control.
4.) Your phone setup or phone network may be different from mine. I don't know how much your plan may charge for accidental data usage.

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