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Mathjong Chrome App

4: Adsense

So I've finally finished up Mathjong and I put a Mathjong Chrome App on the Google Web Store. In general I've found giving away a game app on the Chrome Store is a good way to get a little extra promotion for a game I've created. So far I haven't had any game changers this way, but it seems to be a good way to pick up some extra users.

I've also used the MathJong and Word Mahjong code bases and created a standard mahjong game that I've put on my new website Mahjong For Free. I created a core .swc that contained all of the game specific code, then I'm able to create layout and skin files that allow me to easily create new layouts and skins for each game.

I've recently upgraded to Flash CS5.5 and I'm soon going to try and put the game on to my Motorola Xoom tablet. Hopefully it will just work, but I don't yet have any experience with porting flash games to the Android or iPhone platforms, and I've heard performance is an issue.

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