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Metaphorical Journeys of Happenstance

4: Adsense

A decade of GDNet

It's been just about ten years since I created the Ravuya account on GDNet. There's been so many things that have happened since then, and so many friends I've made that it's actually kind of hard to sum it all up in one journal post. I'll keep it brief, but I wanted just to say thank you to everyone, past and present, for making this...

Getting Comfortable With Some New Friends

I'm testing out the new journal software by doing a small update: I've implemented the NPC editor in the Afterglow editor, so you can now place enemies on the map and have them get angry and try to murder you. It's shaping up into a real game.

I'll be doing more work later, but in the meantime you may be interested in checking out this...

Finishing a Game

I wanted to hypocritically point people at this excellent Derek Yu article, complete with adorable cartoons.

Cut that out

I'll just leave this here.

I'm trying to end a lot of my inactivity by taking Afterglow improvements a little at a time. Last night, I improved the game by changing how it draws levels to try and make it look like levels are "cut out" of a solid block (I will be adding some textures or something later to improve this look) and make the walls not look cheap...


So I sat down tonight and decided to finish off the view for the Afterglow conversation layer, and here's how I started prototyping:

Just starting out. Not a lot of stuff here that you could call useful.

A little more information but it's missing some visual pop.

Now we're talking. Using the text alignment as a visual clue will hopefully prevent...

Holy crap

It was the fifth anniversary of my journal yesterday. I can't believe I've been posting to this thing for five years.

I've mostly figured out how the Afterglow conversation UI is going to work; now I just have to go for it. Hopefully we'll see some screenshots of conversations before the end of the week.

Here's to the 10th and 15th anniversaries.

Another entry this month - can it be?

I got the Afterglow collision fixed a few days after I made the previous journal post, but I haven't had much news to report at all.

I'm also prototyping out some interfaces for conversation, as apparently the old conversation window was really awkward to read for some people.

Hello there

I've been oddly productive recently (especially despite Mass Effect 2) - trying to get rid of a nasty collision issue in Afterglow that keeps me from enjoying the game.

Here's a screenshot of the collision test program I banged out to experiment with it:
More on this later, hopefully.

Metaphorical Journeys of 2010

I'm starting my new job tomorrow - I'm a bit anxious. Even though I've worked at this company on my internship, I don't know much about what project I'm doing and I'm still wary of the secret intentions of employers after my disastrous job this past summer - once bitten, twice shy.

In Afterglow news, I've finally gotten around to fixing the...

Ho ho ho, the bodies hit the floor

Afterglow now has support for corpses, and as a side effect of hooking into the existing Afterglow sprite setup you can have animated corpses. This means, effectively, that I will have death animations and need to find someone to make them.

That's pretty cool, I think. Haven't tried it out yet.

edit: Hypothesis confirmed, it is very cool.

y halo thar journal

I just wanted to pop my head in here and say that my finals are over and they seem to have gone well. I have (unofficially) graduated with a BSc in CS.

Once a month journal post

I'm surprisingly deluged with a combination of schoolwork and vidjagames so I've been quite lazy on doing new stuff.

New stuff (according to my bug tracker):
Afterglow: AI disables when it gets far enough away from you properly now, randomly shuffling zombies appear more natural, actor stereotypes can be instantiated which allows me to load an entire...

Pretty much dead

I'm not really dead, but I might as well be for all the progress I've been making over the last few weeks. I started my last semester, and although it's not terribly hard, I'm not feeling the motivation. Hopefully that will return soon, since all I've done recently is make the test map for Afterglow longer to test NPC deactivation.

Editorial bias

I've been working a bit on the entity functionality of the Afterglow editor; my dream objective is to spend a lot less time in TextMate tweaking text files and keying off coordinates by hand like I've done in previous games.

I've budgeted only a few weeks for these changes, though, as it's really important that I actually get back to implementing...

I'm alive!

I just finished out my summer work term last week, and so I've been taking it fairly easy this week.

Some notable updates, though:
Afterglow can now fully deserialize from disk; I'm now playing the game entirely from datafiles instead of my hybrid datafile/"HACK HACK HACK HACK" method.The editor can now place entities in the game world, which took a lot of...