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Building With Blocks

Building With Blocks After some trial and error we have come to the conclusion that it’s best to build most of our scene geometry using a number of building blocks, such as wall or floor pieces of a fixed size. These small entities are easy to control and can be modified at any time. When instancing the pieces, changing the base piece will update all child pieces. This way we...

Headless No More

Headless No More Last week we showed you various texturing stages of our villain. He was missing the head then, so let’s take another look.The head and face are prominent areas of every character, therefore special attention and care must be taken when preparing UVs and painting textures. We typically spend more time on it than we do for example on a piece of clothing. Ho...

Character Texturing Workflow

Character Texturing Workflow When building a character for a game or any kind of realtime environment, there are many things to keep in mind. A while back we mentioned some pitfalls to avoid during the modeling stage, today we’ll talk a bit about UV mapping and texture painting.
UV mapping is a rather tedious process, but it’s a requirement because it prepares the “canvas” for you to...

Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement Learning Typically, artificial intelligence in video games does not have a lot to do with “intelligence.” The algorithms are carefully hand-tweaked to the game’s scenarios and made “good enough” to provide a decent challenge to the player. The problem with this approach is that the “intelligence” must be coded somehow. Therefore, programmers try to simplify the pr...

The Building Complex Layout

The Building Complex Layout We are in the unique position of having someone with an architectural background on our team. This is a luxury few game developers have, and so it was obvious which of us three would be responsible for environment and level design.
The building complex in Episode 1 will be one of the first things players get to experience when playing the game. It’s an im...