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Less is more on Game Design ( Improving Test Graphics and adding Music )

Here a new video of my series " Less is More on Game Design ". Through a project you'll be able to see my steps to design and decide about every aspect of this Game.
On this video new graphics are added and the first test of the music is done. There's no need to have final graphics to test the music, songs and also sounds can give ideas about other aspect...

Less is more on Game Design ( Testing Graphics )

To test the first Graphics on a prototype is a must, also to decide for an aspect ratio, resolution and of course the colour palette.Here is my third video of my "Less is More on Game Design" series :https://youtu.be/XoxmiNXs_2s Also if you take a look at these two videos you'll see how the prototype graphics can make easier to decide for the final graphi...

Less is more on Game Design ( Tips to design your Games )

Here is the first video of a series about Game Design where i cover a lot of aspects related to create a game from zero.
I think it could be really interesting to learn about Game Design and other aspects related to it.
Here i explain the concept of "less is more on Game Design" :

Here i show the first steps to apply the conce...

Starting with the Blog

My name is Alex and i'm the team founder of the GameDan Team.
We are developing 5 games at the moment and Falling Pirates is the most appealing until now.
Here you can take a look at a video :

Here you can play ( for free of course ) the html5 version and download an old Android Demo :
I hope i'll...