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How to finish a game in less than ten years

4: Adsense

Games! Games! Games!


Have I been remiss in posting?


Oh, and some music


I've written some XNA code again

You can see a screen shot of the editor (which uses COM / .NET interop) and more musings about being a toolsmith versus being a game developer over at http://www.enchantedage.com/cargame.

Suffice to say: I may yet move beyond the tech demo stage of one of my hacks, and make a real game of my own one day.

Yes, one day!

Oh, and by the way:...

Project Gotham Racing 4: It Sucks!

I'm way too busy at work to do much development at home :-(

What free time I have, I typically spend playing games or watching anime, rather than developing on the game.

Speaking of games, I've been trying Project Gotham Racing 4 for the last week (I bought it together with a wireless steering wheel a while back). The sound track is awesome. The...

More XNA stuff

XNA is fun, because you can run your stuff on the Xbox. Although the floating-point performance of the compact CLR (which they use on the Xbox) is really quite poor.

Anyway, you might want to read my screenshot comments on my current XNA experiment.

Help! I'm trapped in the body of a toolsmith!

Dammit! I had a witty post with all kinds of image and hyperlinks going, and IE 64 just crashed on me again. It tends to do that a lot. Blech!

Anyway, I was trying to texture some terrain to make something happen with the C4 engine I've had a copy of forever, and tried the Insane Terrain Texture Generator, but it crashed on Vista. Blech!

So i...

About projects petering out

So... my at-home project has petered out again. It's not dead, it's just sleeping. Really :-)

What killed it? Well, I usually blame a lack of art, but I'm not sure that's it. I think it's the point where I can start adding art, but I realize that to get anything actually useful, I have to add more art than I'm able to make myself. And I'm not independently...