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The sleeper must awaken... and code some.

4: Adsense

Yesterday sucked

Went to do the driving license test, failed without even sitting on the driver's seat because one emergency triangle was seemingly missing (it wasn't, we just didn't look hard), and then a series of events unfolded that ended with my cell phone being stolen, long story sort, I was scammed by some people who claimed they could get me a passing...

Looking for Work

So, I find myself looking for work again, and well, I can't help but compare how looking for work online is a lot like meeting women online, something I am very familiar with.

You begin by posting your information in some website, then, of course you don't get any unsolicited offers, or the ones that you do never get past the original...

Can I has PS3?

YES! I finally got a PS3, I can't really say what I think of it right now as I got to hook it up at about midnight, and didn't have time to play anything, I just saw the MGS4 intro and then upgraded the firmware, but so far, I remembered why I am a Sony fanboy, and got a geekgasm.

Having to install the game... odd for a console, but the line is beginning...

So far, I love Blender.

Ok, so in a nutshell I got pissed off at Softimage for pulling fast ones at indies with their "pay the cost of a PS3 for a version of XSI thats just an advertisement to upgrade to the higher end versions every year" policy, you may remember that, if not, you can read the Journal Archives [smile].

So, anyway I decided to force myself to learn the...

C# Annoyances Issue 1: No Macros

C# has no macros, this was made on purpose, however, I found a place where I could really use them.

I am writing a "Settings" class that uses XML Serialization, I need to use System.Drawing.Color variables which apparently do not serialize "out of the box", so a proxy string setter/getter needs to be made, and so the class is written (this is for a...

You dont buy Softimage XSI, you rent it

I've been thinking for a while as to how should I word my discontent with the tactics used by Softimage to what I can only guess is keep XSI profitable, but anger and the thought that maybe when I cool off I might see things on a different light have kept me from it, no more.

I was suckered into buying XSI Foundation twice, so thats the version I...

Wherein the mistery of why I have so little Journa

Yes I am Lazy, I am, but the reason I don't post journal entries is a different one, I really don't feel like a lot of stuff I do (developing wise) is worth a journal entry, and this shouldn't be a blog... if it was, I think it would be a very boring one at that.

Did you know that the lower leg is actually called "Cnemis", I didn't.

I got XSI...

Blizzard, the new Origin?

On March 20 I made this post, for reference here, the note is what I am trying to bring back

Starcraft Ghost is for all effects vaporware no matter what Blizzard says, Diablo is no more, there are no plans for Starcraft 2, or a new Blizzard RTS for that matter, which is where they used to excel at.

Well, today I found out that in March 24 the...