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Looking for Work

4: Adsense

So, I find myself looking for work again, and well, I can't help but compare how looking for work online is a lot like meeting women online, something I am very familiar with.

You begin by posting your information in some website, then, of course you don't get any unsolicited offers, or the ones that you do never get past the original message, so you have to get out there and try to make the first contact yourself.

That's when you begin posting to the prospects that interest you, and then most never get back to you, eventually, you do get to arrange meeting which could be either awkward or a hit... either way, chances are you won't be getting a call, not even to tell you that the position has been filled by someone else, and that is when the process starts all over.

Anyway, I have the option to move to the US thanks to the green card lottery, so if you know of any company willing to take me for Game Programming, anywhere in the US (NY, Chicago, Miami preferred, but would move anywhere really) by September/October 2009, let me know.

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