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markr's complete waste of time

4: Adsense

BBC radio player

Although it's not games-related, I made an updated version of the BBC radio player for easier access.

This might be against the BBC's rules, but I'm not going to take it down until they ask me to :)



Shmup-dev competition

I'm planning to enter the Shmup-dev horizontal scroller with boss competition.

I've already been working on my entry for a couple of weeks - it's looking pretty good so far (but then, so are other peoples').

Here's a screenie for your viewing pleasure:

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Web site update!

My web site, which I update very infrequently, has been updated.

I've added a couple of new games to the PC games page, and put my web games on the web games page.

This is an offshoot of vectrex.org.uk, which is now (mostly) defunct, but still works.



LD48 and Xmashack

Well, we're coming to the end of another fun game programming year for me.

So far this year I've completed

"Peril" - my TINS05 entry,
"Sidescroller" - an entry for a small 48 hour competition

"Jack" - an entry in LD48 #7 - in the showcase

and I'm working on my final game of the year, my Allegro Xmashack entry, which is looking pretty nice.


Spammers must die!

Spammers are bad for the people they spam, right?

But they've also broken into a server I run. At least, not really "broken in", rather used a rather lame vulnerability in a common open source (rather low quality) web app which we happen to run, to send spam.

This means that our server has been sending spam. Hurrah.

And they've used a robot which uses...

AJAX-based web forum (continued)

Well, it's not really ready to try out, but here is a work in progress:

A web forum

Still in a pretty early testing / prototype stage. Most useful features aren't implemented, but it does the very most basic stuff.

Things that you might notice:

There is no post formatting
The "Back" button on your browser does not do what you expect
There is no...

AJAX web apps

So I've been trying out these so-called "AJAX" (I hate the name) web applications.

Basically the idea is that you make a web application which uses a richer client layer and the server does a lot less than conventional apps.

- Much better user responsiveness
- Much lower bandwidth usage (for some apps anyway)
- Forces you to adopt a "3 tiered"...

Multiplayer pong

A simple enough concept. n players each have a bat on the side of a regular polygon with n sides (Except where there are less than 4 players, where it could get tricky)

The aim is to make a very simple network-playable realtime game, which tries out lots of techniques.

I've never really made a multiplayer network game before* - although I've done...