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Ahhh! I think I'm melting!

4: Adsense

meh... moodswings... meh

I've barely touched my engine in 2 weeks or so. I've had another thing enter my life. I don't even know why I'm posting. I don't know if I'll continue my 4e4 project, but at least my engine is at a good stopping place. It loads and renders models and stuff, so at least it works.

I've been wondering, what is Toronto like? Is there lots of public...

I'mmmm baaaack!

Thanks for the warm bon voyage guys and to answer your question Programmer16, I did not fly :/

I first stopped in Jacksonville (north florida) to stay with my cousins/aunt/uncle for a day. My uncle is a successfull web developer and he really knows his stuff (finished top of his class, etc.)

He wants me to intern for him at his company when I'm done with...


I'm going to florida in t-minus X seconds!11!11

You will not hear from me in at least a week. Muahhaha!

Awwwwe Phooey

I came so close to winning a 1986 Mazda Rx-7 Engine for just $75!!!!!!

eBay Auction

I held back because I didn't know how much shipping would be for a ~230 pound hunk of steel and iron. I found out that it would cost over $500 for FedEx, and UPS and USPS didn't accept anything that heavy.

He said he'd deliver it within 200 miles (which I am within) for a...

Curiosity killet teh ckat!!1!

During work the other day, I noticed that an old, retired, work truck read "V8 7000."

So I was thinking "A 7 litre V8?!!!1!!11!! Hot Dog!"

So I approached the front of it and noticed a very large hood opening lever thing just sticking out of the grill right in front of me.

It was tempting. I don't think I've seen an engine that size before, so I stuck...


My 1969 Yamaha YL1 motorcycle runs. That is all.

Progress, or something like it....

Well, I think my estimation of finishing my engine within a "~month" may be slightly off [grin]

Now that I think about it, I think dgreen02 said: "~month or two".

Two months is more like it, but I think I'd be able to pull this off if I really wanted to.

My engine's name is Starbreeze.

Usually you shouldn't have to worry about using someone else's 3D...

Holy Engine Design Batman!

Somebody slap me because I have the urge to make my own....... engine!

I was talking to dgreen02 and I asked him how long he thought it would take to make a simple 3d engine composing of these vague requriments:

-A mesh loader
-Input processing
-Sprites & Fonts
-Height maps
-Collision Detection
-Realistic Car physics
-Node partitioning...