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Curiosity killet teh ckat!!1!

4: Adsense

During work the other day, I noticed that an old, retired, work truck read "V8 7000."

So I was thinking "A 7 litre V8?!!!1!!11!! Hot Dog!"

So I approached the front of it and noticed a very large hood opening lever thing just sticking out of the grill right in front of me.

It was tempting. I don't think I've seen an engine that size before, so I stuck my hand out, and wiggled the large lever.

It hadn't been opened in ages, so it was pretty difficult to open. After about 1.5 seconds of failure, BAMMMM!!!

Sharp pains reverberated through my cerebellum as the erratic buzzing sounds of the winged insect rattled from it's hidding place.

For a few moments, I couldn't think of anything else but the pain, it was quite an experience. It's like my nearvous system went into Win32 exclusive mode.

It left a small bump for a while and later swelled up a bit. Next morning I woke up with a even more swollen hand. Now my hand looks like this:

(note: that black crap is tobacco, which didn't help much)

Oh, and my engine can load basic meshes now. I don't have to use skinned meshes in my game, but it would be a nice addition.

And now I am convinced that I could make an engine in a month, I just don't want to :)

I still gotta put in some occluding systems to make it work decently though. A viewing frustrum should be enough for now, and that won't take very long to impliment.

Jul 19 2005 12:08 PM

We're out in the woods now, and wasps are a constant nuisance. I was stung on the earlobe a couple of weeks ago. That was awful.
Jul 19 2005 12:08 PM
Can I buy some pot from you?
Jul 19 2005 12:41 PM
Hehe, I can't "officially" sell anything :P

And John, how are you powering your computer? I bet you built one of those Professor Gilligan water-powered generators. :)

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