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Awwwwe Phooey

4: Adsense

I came so close to winning a 1986 Mazda Rx-7 Engine for just $75!!!!!!

eBay Auction

I held back because I didn't know how much shipping would be for a ~230 pound hunk of steel and iron. I found out that it would cost over $500 for FedEx, and UPS and USPS didn't accept anything that heavy.

He said he'd deliver it within 200 miles (which I am within) for a fee, so I sent him a message asking him how large his fee would be.

I never got a response. [bawling]

Granted I did wait till the last minute to ask :/ Anyways, you may be wondering why I would buy such an engine. Why what other reason other than to power a golf cart! No, I'm serious.

At my work we have some broken golf carts, and I was going to buy one so that I could put a ultra high RPM racing engine in it :P
I didn't have enough cart space to put in a transmission, so I was going to use a fixed chain or belt drive in it to directly power the back axel instead.

I don't know if I would actually get up the nerve to do this, but hey, a fast and light engine for $75 -- think of the possibilities.

Jul 20 2005 09:35 AM
I hope you've written your last will and testament. If you put it in a golf cart, you might need it.

But seriously, lets see some pictures if you ever get one.
Jul 20 2005 10:14 AM
I can personally tell you that an RX-7 engine in a golf cart is a bad idea.

It would be pretty awesome to watch though.
Jul 20 2005 11:35 AM
I imagine you'd have some serious traction problems...nothing a set of racing slicks can't fix though ;-)
Jul 20 2005 12:09 PM
I just have this image of an RX-7 in a golfcart, on pressing the accelerator the engine goes forwards leaving the golfcart behind it.

Someone told me that whats-his-name Porche designed the chassis for the classic VW bug, such that later (high performance) porche engines ended up being compatable. I always imagined a 911 turbo in an original bug ripping the bug to pieces whenever anyone dared press the accelerator [lol]


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