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I’ve recently found myself with some free time between contracts. Not wanting to be idle for fear of being oxidized, I’ve got a few various projects going on. One proto-type I plan to share here in the coming weeks, while another project I am keeping somewhat secret. It is more of a personal project that is full of meaning and is still in an early conceptual stage. I do not plan on speaking any about that project until it is ready to be released. One project that I will share however is one I’m calling Trinity.
For work, I am working with a small team of Independent developers. Since joining this team back in early June, I’ve worked on a various set of contracts. For some of these contracts we have been using Unity 3D and so I’ve been getting pretty familiar with Unity and have wanted to even use it for my own projects. I had worked with Unity previously to this, but never wanted to really make the switch for my own projects. I had spent a few years refining my own game engine and didn’t want to abandon it. After working with Unity for so a while it started to grow on me and the portability options, ease of interface, and many other features, just make it a no brainer to use. Not to mention the free edition and reasonable price of the pro version. The Unity team has really done an awesome job and I’m proud to be a convert now. But enough of an ego boost for those guys Posted Image .
Wanting to keep my projects in a small enough scope to complete, I’m concentrating on 2D games. This in and of itself isn’t a bad thing, but Unity, out of the box isn’t streamlined for 2D development. There are a few packages available on the asset store that look to help with 2D games specifically, and I looked at them, and just didn’t feel that they were intuitive enough for me to work with in a quick way. So, I decided to port over the most common libraries I used in my own game engine, thus Trinity was born.
Right now I just have plans to use it for my projects. I have completed a first pass integration and have finished getting the same functionality from unity as I would my own engine, but with all the added benefits unity provides. As I continue to add to this functionality, I may toy with the idea of adding it to the asset store. Not really wanting to compete, as I don’t want to spend a lot of time publicly supporting the framework, but really to offer a light weight alternative to some of the other frame works that are out there. I should come to a decision on this by the next week sometime.


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