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Another 3:00AM entry

I've been putting in 15-20 hours a day *gasp* on this game...it's really my only purpose for existance in the next few months...so I don't have any problems spending that much time working on it. It is tough though.

I'm currently working on a lot of the gameplay features as opposed to the graphics...which I prefer working on. ...

Vehicles :-)

I'm still putting in hours on these vehicles...it's worth it though...I now have a fully simulated gear gox, transmission, drivetrain, engine, and brakes on all of the cars. Right now I'm just using a linear torque curve with the maximum torque value for each vehicle to look up the torque at each RPM...simulating the actual torque curves of each...


I've very excited about these images of some of the cars that will be in the game, I'll post a collection of images down below...there will be 30 different cars in the final product :-D

There will be a "dealership window" in the game, that you can use to purchase cars for your gang. You'll need to own territory that has a parking lot though, that will be...

Vehicle physics

So in order to have the game ready for the initial round of the Independent Games Festival I've created a itemized list of everything I need to do to get the game where it needs to be in the next 2 months. I've alloted myself a few days to get the vehicle physics up to par, and tommorow is my last day. Thankfully it came together quicker than I...

2006 Independent Games Festival

I'm shooting to enter the game into the 2006 Independent Games Festival ( http://www.igf.com ), the deadline for the initial round is September 6, 2005...and I guess the game needs to have completed gameplay to be considered. This means an insane amount of work for me in the next 2 months...but I'm up for it :-)

If the game gets accepted as a finalist...