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Gang War Update

Recently I've made it so the player can enter any building in the city. Over the last week it's been an ungodly amount of work, but I've got it in the game and there's really no performance hit, even on my Radeon 9200 ;-)

It was necessary to model the interiors of every building in order to facilitate all aspects of the gameplay that I want to get...

Gang War Update

I've updated my website with some screeshots of my RTS/Action hybrid "Gang War". I'll just put the thumbnails at the bottom for you guys though ;-)

I just got the shadows and the guns into the game over the last week, and I've recently optimized the engine to get about a 30% performance gain, so I'm very happy about that. The game runs at about a...

Anyone can be a gangster...


Just having some fun with the game - Radioactive-Software

[EDIT]...wait, new caption..."Damn it feels good to be a gangster" haha