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Paradox Interactive publishing Armored Warfare!

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For some time I've been quiet about exactly who is publishing my latest game "Armored Warfare", well the answer is the Swedish publisher Paradox Interactive! I just got back from their 2011 New York City event. I was demoing the game to 30+ press ( and people like Valve/Steam ), and they also made an announcement about the project. Basically the game is now called 'Gettysburg: Armored Warfare'. The game is a RTS/FPS hybrid supporting 64 players per server. The Gettysburg twist is one that I think people will either love, or hate. Essentially, in the year 2060 this evil Tony Stark esq guy goes back in time to change the outcome of the U.S. Civil War so that the South wins...the government finds out and sends back their own technology creating an arms-race in time. So we have this fusion of 2060s and 1860s technology, with a steampunk twist :-) The game is online only using Paradox-Connect technology, so the story is almost irrelevent except for explaining why these types of units exist ( there is no campaign mode in the game ). Here is a link to the facebook page ... check it out and LIKE! it hahah :-) http://www.facebook....180953878604592 also twitter - http://twitter.com/ArmoredWarfare

EDIT: The game also won 'Best in Show' from Strategy Informer [ http://www.strategyinformer.com/editorials/10636/best-in-show-paradox-interactive-convention-2011 ]

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I can't wait to post images of the game, I've got to work within the framework of the publisher, so no-more posting updates the night-of as I've been doing on my projects for the last few years :-) I'm very happy with the work I've done so far, and the reactions of almost all the press has been fantastic - especially the technical aspects ( which is what I was showing, a tech demo ).

Well - I'll give you guys a bit of a preview - here is an image of the procedural farmland rendering system I wrote a few days ago ( actually in one night )...
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Much more to come soon...

Paradox NYC Event 2011
I had a great time in NYC all last week...I took a bunch of pictures of the event, and my trip so I'll share some with you here...

We stayed at the Hilton NYC on the Avenue of Americas. This is also where all the press events were held. The view from my room...
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Paradox Convention 2011!
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Paradox taking over 8-) The room where all sales presentations take place...
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My lil' presentation table...
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Paradox Interactive Banner
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CEO, of Paradox ( and all around cool guy ) Fred Wester giving some opening comments...
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About this time I was busy presenting to press for 2 days...

Me relaxing after the first day event ...
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There was a big party on Thursday at the Aspen Social Club...
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Well I have a bunch of other pictures and things I'd love to post ( *shakes fist at new image limit on journals ... *), but that is basically the event...I had a really great time. It's nice to finally announce Paradox Interactive as my publisher, and I'm really looking forward to working with them!

- Dan

Jan 24 2011 01:18 AM
Congratulations! I like the steampunk/alt-history addition, also.
Jan 24 2011 02:59 AM
Congrats. I really like the conceptual direction it's taking - AW has always been a very technically impressive project but it has always felt a little bit generic in concept. This original twist combined with the existing technical quality should create a monster. :)
Jan 24 2011 10:25 PM
I like the steam punk aspect too. Just keep Will Smith away from it and we're good. B)

Jan 25 2011 05:17 PM
Congratulations Danny, you have big balls :D
Jan 26 2011 11:19 AM
Congratulations !

Your work is again amazing - I can't wait to see your next opus !

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