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Announcing 'Killing Horizon' + New Radioactive Software website!

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Announcing 'Killing Horizon' + New Radioactive Software website! Hey guys,

It's been a very long time since my last journal entry, I've spent the last ~13 months working on a new project. I've not really shown it anywhere - but it's about time to do that. :-) My next project is a game called Killing Horizon you can read about it on my webpage here - http://www.RadioactiveSoftware.com/content/killing-horizon - I will post the current information and some screenshots below - so feel free to scroll down :-) Also if you really want to stay up to date, follow me on the tweeters - http://twitter.com/TheRealDGreen

Speaking of webpages - I've had the same old one for 13 years, so I created a new one :-o The new website is www.RadioactiveSoftware.com please poke around the site, and let me know if there is anything obviously missing or is bugged - the News System is something I'm still working on. The CMS I use - Drupal, doesn't really support news feeds/news items that well IMO, but we can talk about that later :-p

I will be self-publishing Killing Horizon so I'm in complete control of the release, and all other aspects - I'd like to get players involved ASAP to help me shape the game and avoid obvious issues and flaws with the design. That is something that plagued my last project, Gettysburg: Armored Warfare - we should have had the players involved during that project's development, and a million other things. That's also a topic for a later journal entry or maybe a post-mortem ... respecting the NDA of course... On that topic, like I've mentioned on the Steam forums - anybody who purchased Gettysburg: Armored Warfare will receive a free copy of Killing Horizon - and my assurance that the situation regarding that project will not be repeated.

With that out of the way - back to my new project, Killing Horizon - I'll be posting a ton of updates on this project in the coming months and weeks - and to the early adopters I will be releasing weekly playable builds. I will be posting public videos on Youtube and articles here on my developer's journal, and on my website showing the game's progress. Over past year I've re-written the entire terrain system, physics and AI are all totally new and waaaaay improved over anything I've done in the past. More on all the improvements in future entries.

Here is a set of preview images of the project's current state - there is a bunch of weapons, vehicles, environments, etc. not shown here ;-) ...

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Quoted from the site -

Killing Horizon is an online hybrid Real-Time Strategy/3rd Person Shooting game where players can fight for control over large battlefields, gathering planetary resources to expand their faction's hold on the planet. There are several gameplay modes ranging from territory control, and resource gathering, to arcade-like Arena Combat modes to hone your killing skills. The game supports up to 64 players-per-game server, and features an advanced order management system where players can issue orders to each other and gain global experience-points for successfully completing them. Instead of having a single commander, the team's orders will basically be determined by the team and players' willing to complete them. The game also features a wide variety of weapons and vehicles you can use to annihilate the enemy!

I'd like to develop Killing Horizon directly with the players. I'll be offering a generous "early adoption", "pre order" version of the game, which will allow you instant early access to the project (plus a full version when completed), and allow me to work directly with you to develop the game into exactly what, you, the players want! I'll be posting weekly updates and Developer Journal updates on the progress of the project. I will also post new builds of the game to the early adopters on a near weekly basis. To stay updated please create a free Radioactive-Software Account and stay tuned to this webpage!

I think that pretty much summarizes it, I have more information on the project here - http://www.radioactivesoftware.com/content/killing-horizon

Stay tuned to this journal for more information on Killing Horizon!!

- Dan

P.S. Ahh.. good to be back on GameDev.net - site is looking spiffy!!

Aug 05 2013 08:21 AM

Welcome back.. from the looks of that project, I'm sure you must be quite sleep deprived.   It looks beautiful!   Best of luck on this next part of your journey and keep promoting the hell out of your project.  =)

Aug 05 2013 01:59 PM

Looking good! I'm not aware of an RTS/3rd person shooter combo, so It will be interesting to see how this plays!

Aug 05 2013 05:55 PM

Great to see you back around here Danny - good luck on the new project!

Aug 05 2013 10:59 PM

Welcome back Danny, the new website looks very slick, and I'm looking forward to seeing another of your awesome projects taking shape!

Aug 07 2013 04:55 AM

Welcome back Danny. I'm glad to see you continue your work and improving. Seeing small indie teams developing and publishing games is something that gives me hope too.

Do you think premade engine users have advantages like cross platform publishing and not spending time developing and debugging engines ? I mean - do you consider using something like Unity or UDK to speed up development and publish on many platforms ?

I'm interesting with other peoples opinions about this subject, because it concerns me..

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