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An Artist's Ramblings

4: Adsense


If all goes well, I should be going to this girls 19th birthday party soon enough - in about 12 days, so says her daily updated MSN personal message.

Anyway, wish me much luck, Gamedev. Because like... She's, well, very hot, and she's wierd too, like me, so it's all good in the end. Yay.

Alright well uhm... I'm hungry.


I think my butane can is...

Off to a party soon.

What the title says.

Don't you hate it when you sleep on your !beer, and it gets squashed? I sure do. [sad]

Anyway, my brain is still trying to recover from last night. I feel somewhat retarded now. What's simple arithmmatic? I don't know what that is.




Let's just say, SSRi's make !beer TWICE as effective. Little resinous material later, and I'm on cloud NIIINE.


Infected Mushroom is still the best group out there. Ever. If you disagree, you must be huffing paint thinner or something like that dude in that one video on fat-pie. Yeah, well, maybe you're not THAT stupid....


So, after not seeing this community for quite some time, I've come back.

Let's recap what happened for the last while:

September: Went to college.
September to mid-November: Partied.
Mid-November: Kicked out of college.

Well, I do plan on reapplying for that course, since it was pretty fun. Also, just college life in general is fun. I made a ton of...

Another party.

So, I had another bit of a party last night. Man, am I ever worn the hell out. Let me tell you, I was surely FUBAR last night.

It kind of sucks that it's all over now, though. Oh well, at least I had a night of care-free-..ness.

Until next time.

- Yosh Out.

Dear God,

Hi, I'm bored. Fix it.

Yours Truly,

The cat ftw.

Why, I must say, as a man who is very learned in his love for the motion picture, that the "movie" entitled "The Ladykillers"* has most successfully lulled my persona into such a state of joy that I may call this "picture" of sorts a masterpiece, if you will.

Now, try to guess who my favourite character is.


Anyway, 'twas a good movie, so I...


Thumbs down in the bug department today; I have enough mosquito bites on my fat ass to kill thirteen small children. Shit. You. Not.

Anyway *scratches mosquito bites furiously*, man, do I need to go to college (read: party, get layed).

Well, I'm off to the motherland.