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Independent thoughts of PaulECoyote

4: Adsense

Industry Broadcast.com featured my blog!

Many thanks to Ryan at industrybroadcast.com for recording one of my articles.  It is very flattering to have been approached and amazing to be able to download a podcast with my own words read back to me on the subject of Agile Vocabulary.  Perhaps I should read aloud new articles to myself to make sure they are friendly to that...

Agile Development - Vocabulary

This is the start of a series of articles about agile development. The motivation behind writing these articles is to expand my knowledge of the topic by explaining how I currently understand it. I imagine feedback from readers about their own experiences and understanding of the topics discussed could help my own comprehension of the...

Career in the Game Industry

I have read a few blogs recently about the industry, how the authors got in and what they think about what is going on right now... I figured I would add my voice to the discussion. The news is full of stories about so many closures and layoffs everywhere and the games industry is not immune. Studios are shedding jobs through publishing deals falling...

Fable II Launch in London Tomorrrow!

The Fable II team is going to London tomorrow... I know I haven't had much time to hang out here recently (for obvious reasons) but for those that know me if you want to meet up here are the details [grin]

A redirection

Not been around these parts so much at the moment, though I do pop in to the IRC now and again. In a few months time things will calm down again I'm sure.

Day job


I am glad that MS decided to give away 4 XBox Live Arcade licence opportunities to the top four games. I firmly believe that there is a place for games based on .Net technologies for the mainstream, and continue to grow as a development platform for game related tools and technology.

My hobbyist developments are taking a backseat to work related...


Meh, region locking sucks. The card is only good in the UK.

May be I should just start have a "I live in the UK and deserve your Live Subcription card because" type thing.

Or UK only entrants. Though I'm not sure if there's enough people in the uk interested.

I'm not going to let it go to waste anyway!


It's funny, I've got this X-Box Live 12 month sub I'm trying to give away / do something fun with - and it's turning out to be very difficult.

I thought it might be worth enough to do a little competition with, but I am not sure that it is:

I guess since getting *into* the industry I've not...