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The nearsighted one cometh

4: Adsense

Quick update

I took 21 pages of notes at the full-day OpenGL tutorial on Tuesday, but due to the number of meetings I had yesterday, I haven't been able to find time to finish turning them into a complete writeup. I should hopefully have that done by today. I've also got quite a few pictures that will be going up as well.

Can't believe I didn't go to the Microsoft...

Settling in

I've been in San Francisco since Saturday night. The GDC started a day early for me. QUALCOMM and ATI put together a half-day training session for mobile 3D game developers. It turned out to be a very good event. The presentations were mostly technical (including the one I did for optimizing for all of our platforms), and there were a lot of big name...

To use a cliche

Old and busted:

New hotness:

Oh, and Weekly Weigh-in: 226.0

Finally converted

I started using Netscape back at version 2 or so, and I've followed it through its various evolutions through Mozilla. I've always used the integrated mail component, so I resisted switching to Firefox until Thuderbird went commercial (and because plain old Mozilla is still pretty damn good).

I finally made the switch last night. The only problem that...

New shirts

Weekly weigh-in: 227.0

We getting some shirts made to give away at the GDC. The one I'm wearing here is the demo shirt they sent us before printing the whole batch. We'll probably run out, so stop by our booth early and pick one up.

Resume mini-rant

I spent a couple of hours today going through resumes for a student intern position we're hiring for at Qualcomm. The position's actually pretty cool - whoever gets it will receive some valuable job experience working with games and graphics, and they'll be able to make quite a few industry contacts.

I was dismayed at how bad most of these resumes were....

Been a while

[whatever] Weigh-in: 229.0

The holidays were rough for weightloss. After New Year's I was back up to 239 after being as low as 231 before Christmas. But I've been back on track for a month, now. It's a little frustrating, but I'm now at a 8-year low, so I'm happy about that.

January was supposed to be almost entirely dedicated to working on the...

Freaking out

Part of me is very much freaking out right now, and since it's midnight here, there's no one else to talk to about it (other than my wife, who is also freaking out), so I thought I might as well post it here.

First, a little background. Next month will mark two years since I moved to San Diego. I was alone here for 4 months while the kids finished the...