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Game Jolt C# API, Game Save Service, new art for Aaron James, and 1GAM Update

Posted by , in SAGE, Project Warehouse, 1GAM, Game Jolt 18 February 2013 - - - - - - · 397 views
Game Jolt, 1GAM, C#, API
As I stated in my comments in the last entry, my CodePlex project for Game Jolt C# API and Game Jolt Services is now published: http://gamejolt.codeplex.com/

I will point out:
  • I have not tested the code heavily yet; I'm currently laying the groundwork and then in my March game I will hopefully be doing some rigorous testing.
  • I am not very experienced with asynchronous/multi-threaded programming; I have run into a few small issues and have tested the async calls even less (though, they have been tested.)
  • I hate Android UI development, so the Android build has been tested the least. Once I get a license for Mono for Android I will begin testing more rigorously there as well.
Game Save Service
I've added a new service to the GameJoltServices API: Game Save Service. This simplifies syncing game saves between local and cloud storage. Simply put, you request a list of game saves and the service determines whether the local or remote copy is the proper version; if it is the remote copy, it is cached locally. Sadly I do not have an example for this service yet; I originally was going to use the services in my January and February game, but I've decided to wait until our March game.

The Mysterious Life of Aaron James
New artwork is being worked on for Aaron James. Here are some WIP pieces that I received:
Attached Image Attached Image
Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image

1GAM February Game
Not much has changed for the February game. I spent a little bit of time the other night working on creating new car sprites:
Attached Image
Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image

I need to improve the UI and mechanics some, but I plan on deploying the first release this weekend.

As with the January game I will be releasing themes for a dollar on SellBox; so far I am planning on a space and underwater theme for this.

1GAM March Game
I'm getting a little ahead of myself and spreading myself a little thin, but I've also started working on my March game. The project is based on a short story that I'm writing and will be released in the form of a roguelike. I still have some more work to do on the short story, but here is a shot of the engine:
Attached Image

And here is a shot of the app I'm using to test my (WIP) dungeon generator (only corridors so far; working on rooms now and then I'll start filling things in):
Attached Image

I don't want to give too much away, but I will say it is a post-apocalyptic game, there will be perma-death and procedural buildings, and it may or may not be the precursor to another project I have planned.

Anyway, my lunch hour is over so it is back to work for me.

Grue video

Posted by , in SAGE, Project Warehouse, Project Grue 16 November 2012 - - - - - - · 688 views

I've uploaded a video of the current status of Grue to Youtube:

I'll warn you, it's a boring 2 minute video. The base for characters is in now, so everything works properly (except for using and equiping items.) I'm going to try to get the rest of the base work done this weekend so that I can have the prototype done next weekend. However, that is quite a bit of work:
1) Equipment
2) Usable items
3) Skill effects
4) Using skills
5) Quest system
6) Link in content loading
7) Map system
8) Proper collision detection

Basically, I want the first prototype to contain everything except for combat (well, almost everything; there is another feature that won't be included until prototype 3, but I'll talk more about that once we get there.)

In other news I'm tired of waiting, so I'm going to move forward and start working on The Mysterious Life of Aaron James - Chapter 1. Depending on how art goes, I'm hoping to release what I currently have planned out this coming year (prologue, chapter 1, chapter 2, and chapter 3.) I have all but chapter 3 laid out, so depending on where I go with it I may end up doing more chapters, but I'm not sure at the moment.

Anyway, lunch break is almost over; back to work.

Project references in the editor and some updated UI

Posted by , in SAGE 07 November 2012 - - - - - - · 404 views

I'm thinking I can finally start working on Chapter 1's content now. I was able to get the reference system in place last night and tested during lunch today. Here are a couple shots showing a new scene using assets from the prologue:
Attached Image

(the assets listed in red are the reference assets):
Attached Image

I also reworked the majority of the UI and added a temporary title screen:
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

New changes aren't available yet as there are some code base changes that I need to test before deploying; just wanted to show off the new screenshots lol. Back to work.

Super lucky (also, version

Posted by , in SAGE, Project Warehouse 02 November 2012 - - - - - - · 856 views

Here is a link to version Attached File  TheMysteriousLifeOfAaronJames.zip (823.96KB)
downloads: 138
Please note that you will want to uninstall first! This version contains some major changes and I have not been able to get it to work properly without uninstalling first. The good news is that this should be the last installer you need to use for the game. I've completely rewritten the updater so that it can download and update all of the files necessary (including the updater.)
Here's a list of changes:
1) Added support for more than 4 dialogue topics
2) Added support for more than 8 inventory items
3) Altered save/load system so that, when saving a new game and an old game save exists with the same name, the old save is renamed and new one is created.
4) Added new inventory modes: static (the inventory does not move), sliding (the inventory slides off the bottom of the screen when the mouse exits it), and locking (the inventory pops up and down when it is clicked)
5) Rewrote the majority of the bar scene
6) Modified the updater so that it will run independently of the game and can update the engine and updater files
7) Altered the bar scene so that the cue-ball puzzle is already done on Normal difficulty.
8) Moved to the newest version of my code base.
There are other things, but I can't quite remember them all (I try to keep track by writing them down, but I lost my list.)

This will probably be the last release for the prologue until the art is done (unless a major issue/bug is found.) I am going to start on Chapter 1 tonight; I'll post updates about it as I go, but for the most part I am going to be switching the focus of the journal from The Mysterious Life of Aaron James to Project Grue.

As always, any and all feedback is welcome! Doesn't matter if you love it, hate it, or just think it's meh: please let me know what you think and why!

Anyway, I'm feeling super lucky right now. As I stated yesterday, I've been trying to find a way to handle content with doing the chapter release and I've found a solution. In the editor I store assets as basically a class containing: Name, FileName, FullFilePath, and Data. I store a list of each asset's Name and FileName in the project's file...or at least I meant to. Due to a typo or me (not paying attention), I'm actually storing the Name and FullFilePath.

The functionality I want is already kind of there; I copy the project to a new folder, change the output directory and viola: everything loads in fine and when I make a change to either, both projects receive it as they are both pointing to the same files. There are some issues (mainly dependent resources are loaded using local file names) and this is a major hack, but it gave me the idea for the new feature to add: references. Not a "new idea" by any means, but it will work perfectly. You will be able to add a reference to another project and all of the referenced project's assets will be added to the new project. When a referenced asset is opened, it will be opened using the FullFilePath and so both projects will be working from the same copy.

Now, lunch is over so back to work.

Update Delayed

Posted by , in SAGE, Project Warehouse 31 October 2012 - - - - - - · 717 views

Well, during my lunch Tuesday I realized that I had spent a bit of time rewriting content...and ended up switching two of the character's stories around. It wouldn't have been such a big deal, but one of said characters was Daniel, so almost all of the dialogue was off. I think I have everything corrected, but I'm going to put the new release off until Friday.

For one, as I obviously didn't test the last two releases very well before getting them out, I want to take the time to play through multiple times once I have the new content all in place. I'm also working on finishing up the UI changes. Tonight I focused on the inventory bar; there is a new option:
Attached Image

There are 3 modes that the inventory bar supports: static (the same as it has been), sliding (when the mouse enters the inventory bar it slides out and when it leaves, it slides in), and locking (when you click on the inventory bar without clicking a scrolling button or an inventory slot it will pop in/out):
Attached Image
Attached Image

The scrolling isn't quite in yet; the buttons work but the backend still needs to be done. Beyond that, the only other thing I'd like to do for it is see if I left myself some way to change a control's theme so that when the inventory is set to static it doesn't have the background or 'Inventory' text. Then I need to add scrolling to the load/save screen and all of the UI elements will be up to date.

There is one issue (that I know of) in the save system: if your save isn't a supported version and you try to save a game with the same name it tells you that one already exists. I just need to add a check to see if the existing file is old and if so, overwrite it (or maybe it would be preferential to rename it.)

One other thing I'm really focusing on at the moment is how I want to handle the chapters. I originally stated that I wanted to treat them as downloadable content, but I'm not sure how to handle that as I do plan on charging for the chapters. I'm not really worried about pirating or anything, but I really don't want people to be able to just download a copy and start distributing it. There is also the issue of the auto updater now, though I think I know how to handle that (it'd require an installer, but just for the 'update'.) I don't know; I'm still mulling over it.

Anyway, I will be putting the new release up this Friday evening barring me breaking everything (which we all know is a very good possibility.) This will more than likely be the last release for a while (until I get some art from an artist) as I want to move on to chapter 1 content and it's very hard to keep two sets of files up to date. This is something I'm definitely looking in to resolving in a better way.

It is time for bed.