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Beals Software

The Warehouse - Demo v1.0.4 (Coming Soon)

Posted by , in SAGE, Project Warehouse 10 October 2012 - - - - - - · 313 views

I'm working on getting the new version out, just a few more things to clear up. So far I have:

1) Removed the 'goodbye' topic for Jon inside the warehouse; it was counter-productive
2) David walks through the bar
3) The stall's mouth verb is "eat" [ Found by Black-Rook ]
4) None of the bathroom trash can's script is filled out
5) If you use the key on the warehouse door again it tries to repeat the script [ Found by Black-Rook ]
6) Loading the state for objects without sprites is causing the engine to crash
7) Adding new setting - 'Show Help' and new help popups
8) Increased movement speed for zoomed out scenes
9) Added update system
10) Expanded miscellaneous objects' scripts
11) Changed character sprites
12) Outro/credits included

The update system is in place, but needs to be fully tested. I would have done so tonight, but I spent 2 hours trying to figure out why I was getting the error that "ChangeLog.txt" doesn't exist. I tend to forget that Linux's FS is case-sensitive (the update was looking for Changelog.txt.)

There are a few more things I want to change/fix (mainly the overlay rendering over top of the UI) before releasing the new version and I really want to have the Kickstarter ready before releasing it (I added a spot to advertise the Kickstarter in the credits.) We'll see though; I still need to create the Kickstarter image and video, finish figuring out rewards, etc.

Anyway, time for bed!

The Warehouse - Demo v0.1

Posted by , in SAGE, Project Warehouse 07 October 2012 - - - - - - · 1,161 views

Here it is: Attached File  TheWarehouseDemo.zip (742.21KB)
downloads: 73

After I built the installer I realized that I kind of forgot to add the ending sequence, so it just kind of ends at some point (the screen will fade black and the the inventory display will pop back up.) I'll upload a better version ASAP.

Again, this is a very rough copy; the art is just placeholder, the dialogue needs to be spruced up, and the scenes need some more filler. That being said, any and all suggestions, criticism, questions, etc. are welcome.

I've attached a walkthrough document, but please use it as a last resort. If things are too difficult/don't make sense, please say so! There are 6 scenes for you to play through:
Bar Bathroom
Main Street
Warehouse - Entrance
Warehouse - Inside
Warehouse - Rear Hallway

Bug/Error List
I'm going to keep a list of bugs/issues reported here.
  • David walks through the bar [ Fixed in v0.2 ]
  • The stall's mouth verb is "eat" [Found by Black-Rook; Fixed in v0.2 ]
  • None of the bathroom trash can's script is filled out [ Fixed in v0.2 ]
  • If you use the key on the warehouse door again it tries to repeat the script [Found by Black-Rook; Fixed in v0.2 ]
  • Screen overlay (for fading in/out and time of day) covers up menus
[edit 2]
Which would be preferred: an updated installer or a zip containing updated files? I guess I could do both.

I really would like to do a "launcher" style setup similar to MMOs, but I'm not sure how well received that would be. I personally think it would be way better than having to download patches and such. Open the game and viola, new files to download. And no, I wouldn't lock things out if it couldn't connect to the server; I'm not thinking DRM or anything.

Attached Files

Getting close

Posted by , in SAGE, Project Warehouse 07 October 2012 - - - - - - · 608 views

Well, we're getting close. I have all of the scenes, objects, items, and characters in place. I want to add a little more dialogue to David and Denise in the bar, but beyond that everything is done.

I'm thinking of releasing the game in "chapters" with the demo being the prologue. Each chapter would be at least 4 or 5 scenes, but would probably average about 6 or 7 (the demo is 7 scenes for example.) However, each chapter would be more like downloadable content. Basically at the end of each chapter it would create a save and then show a "To Be Continued" screen or something. Once the new chapter is out, you can download it, load the save, finish the scene and move on to the next. I'm still thinking about it though; not sure how well that would work out.

Attached Image
A shot of the warehouse interior.

Attached Image
The warehouse's rear hallway.

Attached Image
Someone is in trouble, I better go get help.

Attached Image
It's gotten really dark outside, better watch my step...

I'm going to finish up what is left and make a new installer. Again, this is a very rough draft, the dialogue is dry and pretty much non-existent (I've only put in the necessary dialogue.) Also, the art is all going to be updated at some point. I'll post an update later tonight with the new download.

I was curious, so I added stats to the editor:
Attached Image

Back to building the installer.

Engine changes

Posted by , in SAGE, Project Warehouse 03 October 2012 - - - - - - · 547 views

The new feature switch actually went really smooth. I forgot that I had set objects up to default to using the sprite information for building the collision box, but if you set a collision box it will use that. So, I basically just had to alter the editor to provide the ability to edit the collision box.

As for removing verbs from non-interactive, but triggerable objects, I just altered the engine to not show the verb selector if Hand, Eye, and Mouth text was not supplied.

So far I haven't run into any bugs and I can play through the 3 scenes in the demo. I do have a few more entities to switch over though, so we'll see on that.

I have 5 more scenes to power through before this weekend, so I have a lot of work to get through over the next couple nights and lunch breaks. I'll keep you updated as I go.

[I did this up last night and saved the draft, but I forgot to publish it lol.]

Swanky new bathroom setup and moving buildings

Posted by , in SAGE, Project Warehouse 02 October 2012 - - - - - - · 433 views

I created some new placeholder art for the bathroom setup as well as adding the mirror that I had somehow missed:
Attached Image

Also, wherever these people live, they seem to have moving buildings:
Attached Image

I didn't quite like the layout for the street, so I decided to change it a bit and add some color.

I'm going to make a few changes to SAGE, which I'm hoping to do during lunch tomorrow. I'll probably break most of the objects in the demo, but it should be a quick fix. Basically, I want to eliminate the need for a sprite. At the moment I'm having to create textures and sprites for any object, regardless of whether or not it is visible. This is going to cause unnecessary bloat and it's just wasting time.

The other change is adding the ability to mark objects as trigger-able, but not interactive. This way I can make doorways/exits that you can trigger, but not use verbs on. It's causing some issues and making the scripting a mess;if you use a verb on an object, it doesn't get triggered so I'm having to place the scene changing code in the function for every verb as well as the trigger function.

Time for bed; I'll post an update tomorrow on how the changes go.