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The Warehouse - Demo v1.0.4 (Coming Soon)

I'm working on getting the new version out, just a few more things to clear up. So far I have:

1) Removed the 'goodbye' topic for Jon inside the warehouse; it was counter-productive
2) David walks through the bar
3) The stall's mouth verb is "eat" [ Found by Black-Rook ]
4) None of the bathroom trash can's script is filled...

The Warehouse - Demo v0.1

Here it is:

After I built the installer I realized that I kind of forgot to add the ending sequence, so it just kind of ends at some point (the screen will fade black and the the inventory display will pop back up.) I'll upload a better version ASAP.

Again, this is a very rough copy; the art is just placeholder,...

Getting close

Well, we're getting close. I have all of the scenes, objects, items, and characters in place. I want to add a little more dialogue to David and Denise in the bar, but beyond that everything is done.I'm thinking of releasing the game in "chapters" with the demo being the prologue. Each chapter would be at least 4 or 5 scenes, but would probably average abo...

Engine changes

The new feature switch actually went really smooth. I forgot that I had set objects up to default to using the sprite information for building the collision box, but if you set a collision box it will use that. So, I basically just had to alter the editor to provide the ability to edit the collision box.

As for removing verbs from non-interactive, but...

Swanky new bathroom setup and moving buildings

I created some new placeholder art for the bathroom setup as well as adding the mirror that I had somehow missed:

Also, wherever these people live, they seem to have moving buildings:

I didn't quite like the layout for the street, so I decided to change it a bit...