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Beals Software

Nasty bugs

Posted by , in SAGE, Project Warehouse 01 October 2012 - - - - - - · 544 views

Well, over the past couple of days I've found a few bugs and I've just run into one that is going to put me a little bit behind.

I basically used a similar system for managing scene objects that they did in the XNA RPG kit: I store a list of modified objects and a list of objects that have been removed. When the scene is changed, I load all of the objects for the scene, modify any that need to be modified and remove any that need to be removed. I'm finding that this works very well...except when you need an object to appear in multiple scenes (most of the characters in Project Warehouse for example.)

There has also been a huge issue with this combined with XNA's caching: since XNA stores a copy, when I'm loading an object it's not being loaded from file every time.

So, I'm sitting here pondering how to redesign it or if I even want to do that at this point. I plan on continuing to use this engine, so I'll need to correct it at some point, but there are a few ways around it for now. For instance, I could create an object for each scene that objects/characters are needed in. This honestly seems like the better route anyway, in my opinion; they can share the same sprite and it'll keep their scripts cleaner. The downfalls being more assets and I kind of lose the ability to switch control between players. I don't know...I'll have to think it through.

Back to work!

Well, I didn't think on it very long, so it may come back to bite me, but I've decided to continue forward and just use extra assets. I figure, at the most I'll end up having to alter the system and then rework some of the scene files.

So, with that, I've finished (again, minus some dialog) the rest of the bar scene and about 90% of the street scene (though, the street scene is very short and I'm not counting art.) I do need to alter the engine somewhere though, as characters need to move faster when they're scaled down. The street scene is a zoomed out view and with the characters moving at regular speed it makes me cry. It wouldn't be so bad if there was more to do on the street I guess, but there's not much to add to it.

[edit 2]
Sorry, I forgot the screenshots:
Attached Image
Hanging out in the bathroom again, now with my shiny new screwdriver placeholder that I did up.

Attached Image
I was getting some fresh air when I noticed Jon down the road, who supposedly was heading back to his motel room.
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Demo Progress: Bar Scene (Almost) Finished

Posted by , in SAGE, Project Warehouse 30 September 2012 - - - - - - · 548 views

Well, I thought with my wife and son being gone all week that I would get tons of work done after I got home from my job...it didn't quite work out that way. I still didn't really get to sit down and start working until between 9 and 11. I did manage to power through the intro scene yesterday and almost all of the mechanics of the bar.

The dialogue for David (the bartender) and Denise (a bar patron) still aren't fully in place and a lot of what is done is still a little dry, but I'm making progress and once I finish the rough cut I can go through and refine.

Anyway, the big news is that I met with my brother on Saturday and spent a bunch of time going over the storyline and atmosphere, so hopefully he'll be able to do the artwork for it. Either way I'll probably be firing up a kickstarter in about a week to fund the art and audio.

Beyond that, I've been contemplating looking into porting the engine to other platforms, but with it being built off of XNA that'd be quite a bit of work. It is definitely on the wish list though; at the very least a port to Mac (though, I may have to outsource for that as I don't have any access to a Mac other than one at my office which is WAY old.)

As I said, I wasn't sure if I'd make the demo by the end of the month and I was right; there's not all that much content left to do, I just didn't get to all of it (mainly due to running into bugs lol.) Rest assured though, I'm going to be working on it during my lunch hour at work and after work, so I'm hoping by next Sunday to have at least the very rough cut done and ready to go.

For tonight though, I'm off to spend some time with the wife.

Bar Scene Mockup

Posted by , in SAGE, Project Warehouse 24 September 2012 - - - - - - · 592 views

At this rate I'm never going to get the game done; I spent a few hours putting together a mockup of the bar scene using graphics similar to the old demo. I decided to scale the characters up a little bit as the current scene made the ceilings look 20 feet high (I could fit 2 doors top of each other on one wall in the office from the demo.) They still seem a bit too high, but it's much better than before. I've also swapped the PoV; originally you were looking at the front of the bar whereas you're now looking at the back.

Attached Image

I'm still not very happy with this art style. It doesn't look terrible or anything, but I'm wanting more of a cartoony style with a light palette (something similar to Phineas and Ferb.) I have a couple other people that I know that draw, so I'm going to check with them; hopefully one of them will pan out. If not, I'll take to the interwebz to see who I can find.

Back to working on the demo data and seeing if I can push any more bugs to the surface in the editor.

The Warehouse - Bar Scene

Posted by , in SAGE, Project Warehouse 23 September 2012 - - - - - - · 651 views

Well, per usual I have run into quite a few things that I missed as well as bugs. I've worked through what has come up so far and here are the results:
Attached Image

And here is the scene, loaded by the engine:
Attached Image

This is the bar, one of the first scenes in the demo. Most of the characters are introduced here as well as the main point of the storyline. I did notice that I need to expand the scenes a little bit; I didn't give myself enough room to work with. That can be handled once the actual art is done though.

I went through and added the ability to run the game from the editor. This was one of the things on my todo list, but I decided that it would make things much easier to test while making the game.

I'm supposed to be meeting with my brother shortly to see if he can do the art for me; we'll see. For now I'm just going through and creating the scenes, getting the back end stuff (scripting and such) done.

Attached Image
Attached Image
Here is the street view outside of the bar.

Editor Alpha Finished

Posted by , in SAGE 20 September 2012 - - - - - - · 690 views

I have finally the alpha version of the engine; everything is in and working. There are currently 15 tasks remaining, 8 of which are wishlist items and 7 of which are enhancements (improving the UI in a few places) or bugs (making sure linked assets are removed properly when an asset like a scene is removed.) None of which need to be completed for me to use the engine.

Attached Image

Yes, this is a shot from the old demo, but the assets were imported into the editor and everything was built from there.

Anyway, I'm going to be starting work on the new demo tomorrow and will keep you posted with plenty of screenshots as I go.

As for tonight, I am going to turn in early.