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Nasty bugs

Well, over the past couple of days I've found a few bugs and I've just run into one that is going to put me a little bit behind.

I basically used a similar system for managing scene objects that they did in the XNA RPG kit: I store a list of modified objects and a list of objects that have been removed. When the scene is changed, I load all of the...

Demo Progress: Bar Scene (Almost) Finished

Well, I thought with my wife and son being gone all week that I would get tons of work done after I got home from my job...it didn't quite work out that way. I still didn't really get to sit down and start working until between 9 and 11. I did manage to power through the intro scene yesterday and almost all of the mechanics of the bar.

The dialogue...

Bar Scene Mockup

At this rate I'm never going to get the game done; I spent a few hours putting together a mockup of the bar scene using graphics similar to the old demo. I decided to scale the characters up a little bit as the current scene made the ceilings look 20 feet high (I could fit 2 doors top of each other on one wall in the office from the demo.) They still...

The Warehouse - Bar Scene

Well, per usual I have run into quite a few things that I missed as well as bugs. I've worked through what has come up so far and here are the results:

And here is the scene, loaded by the engine:

This is the bar, one of the first scenes in the demo. Most of the...

Editor Alpha Finished

I have finally the alpha version of the engine; everything is in and working. There are currently 15 tasks remaining, 8 of which are wishlist items and 7 of which are enhancements (improving the UI in a few places) or bugs (making sure linked assets are removed properly when an asset like a scene is removed.) None of which need to be completed for me to use...