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New Update Coming Soon

I've spent most of this past week working on rewriting the bar scene. I want to add in some more content and give the players a chance to meet the other characters. More importantly though, I've rewritten the updater system.

Previously it would have been very difficult to update the engine or any of the DLLs as the updater ran from the game's...

You didn't want to save, right?

One of these days I'll upload a copy that isn't missing a major features. At the moment, you cannot load save games. I would upload a new version, but I am in the middle of polishing up a bunch of the UI stuff.Here's a list of the new UI stuff:1) Add support for more than 4 topics and scrolling. Finished  2) Correct issues with digit / numpad conversation...

The Mysterious Life of Aaron James - v1.0.10

Alrighty, I think I have everything cleared up. I've uploaded v1.0.10 which should at least run properly now lol. As I stated in my last post, I've completely rewritten the coroutine system and that will have hopefully fixed the lag issue. Beyond that, it was mostly just little backend changes (read that as "I can't remember what the other...

I broke it...

Well, if anyone downloaded v1.0.7, you'll probably notice quite a few issues. The whole 'not serializing node links' issue that I fixed...wasn't completely implemented. I added the code to load the nodes, but never added the code to save the nodes. So, if you saved and then tried to load it would crash.

I also managed to make it so you...

The Mysterious Life of Aaron James - v1.0.7

I've removed this release download as I completely broke most of it.

I've uploaded a version 1.0.7 with a lot of engine fixes:
1) Corrected issue with number keys not selecting dialogue options.
2) Switched SAGE library to Reach profile rather than HiDef.
3) Corrected textbox not being selected on input prompt (when creating a new save).