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No SAGE Screenshots :(

Posted by , in SAGE 30 March 2012 - - - - - - · 658 views
SAGE and 2 more...
  • A Man Haunted (SAGE Demo Project)
  • Updated UI - Conversation
  • SAGE - Point and Click Adventure Game - Prototype 3
  • SAGE - Point and Click Adventure Game - Prototype 2.5
  • SAGE - Point and Click Adventure Game - Prototype 2
  • DevShot3 - Inventory
  • SAGE - Point and Click Adventure Game - Prototype 1.9
  • DevShot2 - Node-based scaling
  • DevShot1 - Node-based scaling
  • SAGE - Point and Click Adventure Game - Prototype 1

Sorry, no SAGE screenshots like I was hoping.

However, I do have this video:

I'm just using some random graphics from around the web at the moment as my art is terrible (beyond terrible; I can do ok pixel art, but fail horribly at animating.) Once I get some more of the systems in place and get some of the glitches worked out, I'll try to find/get some better placeholder art.

We currently don't have a set project that we want to make with any of the prototypes that I've been working on (I think I have 6 or 7 prototypes done up now lol), but we're throwing around a couple ideas.

Lol, watching the clip after I posted this and the next movie selection at the end placed the REP prototype movies perfectly:
Attached Image

SAGE Progress - Check!

Posted by , in SAGE 22 March 2012 - - - - - - · 523 views
Prototype, SAGE
Scene system - Check Posted Image
Items & Inventory - Check Posted Image
Scene interaction - Check Posted Image
Scripting basics - Check Posted Image
State system - Half-check Posted Image
Pathing - Half-check Posted Image
Characters - No check Posted Image
Dialog - No check Posted Image

SAGE's prototype is coming along nicely. The state system only gets a half-check as characters are not in yet, so I do not have their state data in place. Nothing hard left, really; pathing is basically already done as most of it is in my code base and I have the rest of it already in the engine (I don't consider it done until it's tested though). Characters are easy - slap an animated sprite on to a scene object and give it pathing abilities and I'm done. The dialog might be the hardest part, but even that should be quite simple. Then it's on to the hardest part: tying it all together and making sure it works fluidly.
Once I have the prototype up and running and some placeholder art I'll post some screenshots and maybe a movie.

I think I'm going to take a break from SAGE tomorrow and try to get enemies into the platformer prototype. Ooh, and collectibles. More than likely more screenies of that tomorrow.