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Weekly Update - 7/27/13

Hello everyone! We have a short update this week; Mikeyo has been quite busy and was a little under the weather, so he was unable to get a video done and I have a video done, but I can't share it yet (legal reasons), but hopefully I can get it up next week.

Company News
In company news, we are happy to welcome Matt McCullar to the team. Mike and I deci...

Weekly Update - 7/19/13

Weekly Update Video

Project Updates
Seeking Imagination
The local multiplayer system is fully in place and cemented in now - up to four players are supported via gamepads and the UI is set up properly to handle it. The previous version had lots and lots of code that updated the UI, but I've now switched that around so that the UI polls the data ba...

Weekly Update - 7/16/13

Well, I totally spaced on this weeks update; I wrote the content locally, but I apparently forgot to upload it on Friday. So, I've updated it a little bit and posting it today, but we'll have another update this Friday.

Weekly Update Video

Youtube Video Link

Project Updates
Seeking Imagination
I have made quite a bit of...

Weekly Update - 7/5/13

Hi all, another great week here. Mikeyo spent a lot of time on company stuff - planning an upcoming Facebook contest, getting things going for an upcoming Kickstarter and getting some affiliates set up for us.

Mikeyo talks about it in his weekly update video:

For the Facebook conte...

Weekly Update - 6/30/13

I'm a little bit late, don't tell Mikeyo.

Mikeyo has been super busy, getting some affiliate programs up and running, checking out some conferences and playing with his new Ouya. He didn't have his professional camera available at the time, but he shot the video below showing it off and talking about a game or two that he has checked out: