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Weekly Update #11

We'll start off with Mikeyo's video:

Youtube Link

I apologize for the absence, Mike has been out of town and I haven't had much to report other than disasters.

I keep all of the game assets on an external drive that is connected to my development server; this makes them easily accessible from anywhere. Howeve...

Weekly Update #10

Welcome back for another Weekly Update!

I'm trying to clean up the previous weekly update entries. It appears that every time I edit a post it messes up the formatting and removes the embedded YouTube videos. I will be posting a "Youtube Video Link" below the embedded video in case it gets removed.
Seeking Imagination Battle Arena

Weekly Update - 8/12/13

Here is the video of Seeking Imagination - Battle Arena's prototype:

The editor for these entries is terrible. The font sizes keep randomly changing and it keeps removing my video links. I've added the YouTube video URL back.

Yesterday did not turn out to be my best of days. I ended up having to record the video twice...

Weekly Update...is moving

Hi everyone, I just wanted to pop in to let you know that we are moving our weekly update to Mondays. Trying to hit Friday is just not working out very well for either Mike or myself. Having the weekend to put together videos and the blog posts will definitely make things a lot easier, plus I normally get the most work done over the weekend. By the time I...

Weekly Update - 8/2/13

Hi everyone! We've been a bit busy this week; Matt has been moving and I'm helping my parents remodel their kitchen. We've managed to get some stuff done though!

We'll start off with Mikeyo's weekly update video:

Youtube Video Link

Epic Like-Ability Facebook Contest
We launched a new Facebook this last week. Here are the...