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The Warehouse - Bar Scene

4: Adsense

Well, per usual I have run into quite a few things that I missed as well as bugs. I've worked through what has come up so far and here are the results:
Attached Image

And here is the scene, loaded by the engine:
Attached Image

This is the bar, one of the first scenes in the demo. Most of the characters are introduced here as well as the main point of the storyline. I did notice that I need to expand the scenes a little bit; I didn't give myself enough room to work with. That can be handled once the actual art is done though.

I went through and added the ability to run the game from the editor. This was one of the things on my todo list, but I decided that it would make things much easier to test while making the game.

I'm supposed to be meeting with my brother shortly to see if he can do the art for me; we'll see. For now I'm just going through and creating the scenes, getting the back end stuff (scripting and such) done.

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Attached Image
Here is the street view outside of the bar.

Sep 23 2012 05:38 PM
Looking good, cannot wait to play another demo! :)

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