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Swanky new bathroom setup and moving buildings

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I created some new placeholder art for the bathroom setup as well as adding the mirror that I had somehow missed:
Attached Image

Also, wherever these people live, they seem to have moving buildings:
Attached Image

I didn't quite like the layout for the street, so I decided to change it a bit and add some color.

I'm going to make a few changes to SAGE, which I'm hoping to do during lunch tomorrow. I'll probably break most of the objects in the demo, but it should be a quick fix. Basically, I want to eliminate the need for a sprite. At the moment I'm having to create textures and sprites for any object, regardless of whether or not it is visible. This is going to cause unnecessary bloat and it's just wasting time.

The other change is adding the ability to mark objects as trigger-able, but not interactive. This way I can make doorways/exits that you can trigger, but not use verbs on. It's causing some issues and making the scripting a mess;if you use a verb on an object, it doesn't get triggered so I'm having to place the scene changing code in the function for every verb as well as the trigger function.

Time for bed; I'll post an update tomorrow on how the changes go.

Oct 03 2012 05:42 AM
Awesome work! :)
Oct 03 2012 03:53 PM
Looking much better without the giant exclamation points...
Oct 03 2012 09:33 PM
Thanks guys!

@Prinz Eugn: Indeed it does, but using the placeholder has helped speed up scene development and testing a bunch.

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