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The Warehouse - Demo v0.1

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Here it is: Attached File  TheWarehouseDemo.zip (742.21KB)
downloads: 88

After I built the installer I realized that I kind of forgot to add the ending sequence, so it just kind of ends at some point (the screen will fade black and the the inventory display will pop back up.) I'll upload a better version ASAP.

Again, this is a very rough copy; the art is just placeholder, the dialogue needs to be spruced up, and the scenes need some more filler. That being said, any and all suggestions, criticism, questions, etc. are welcome.

I've attached a walkthrough document, but please use it as a last resort. If things are too difficult/don't make sense, please say so! There are 6 scenes for you to play through:
Bar Bathroom
Main Street
Warehouse - Entrance
Warehouse - Inside
Warehouse - Rear Hallway

Bug/Error List
I'm going to keep a list of bugs/issues reported here.
  • David walks through the bar [ Fixed in v0.2 ]
  • The stall's mouth verb is "eat" [Found by Black-Rook; Fixed in v0.2 ]
  • None of the bathroom trash can's script is filled out [ Fixed in v0.2 ]
  • If you use the key on the warehouse door again it tries to repeat the script [Found by Black-Rook; Fixed in v0.2 ]
  • Screen overlay (for fading in/out and time of day) covers up menus
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Which would be preferred: an updated installer or a zip containing updated files? I guess I could do both.

I really would like to do a "launcher" style setup similar to MMOs, but I'm not sure how well received that would be. I personally think it would be way better than having to download patches and such. Open the game and viola, new files to download. And no, I wouldn't lock things out if it couldn't connect to the server; I'm not thinking DRM or anything.

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Oct 07 2012 10:50 PM

I found a bug, wish I saved before it happened! haha

When you enter the warehouse and unlock the door and go inside. If you exit the warehouse right after, and try to go back in with the key the screen fades black, and will not load the scene. I'm assuming this is only supposed to occur at the end.

Well, I completed the demo! I must say the best thing about this game is that it leaves you wanting to find out more!!! Much like reading a novel! Posted Image I cannot wait to find out more!!

Well, fixing that lead to an even worse bug lol. Each object has a state value (numeric), so when you use the key I change that and do testing in the script. This way, when you use the key again it just takes you back in to the warehouse. The new bug was due to the "objects without sprites" change that I made the other day; the game instantly crashed when going back to the entrance because it was trying to apply the stored sprite state (which was null because there is no sprite.)

Anyway, all fixed up and will be in the updated version. Thanks again!
Oct 07 2012 11:11 PM
Glad that's all fixed up!

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