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Super secret project X progress

2: Adsense

Like with The Mysterious Life of Aaron James, I'm going to keep the background project mostly under wraps until I get the first prototype done. Here's what I can say: it's a 2D over the shoulder survival shooter and it's code name is Project Grue (named for the monster not the character from Despicable Me.)

I'm well on my way there; I got all of the systems designed out earlier and have started implementing them. My code base is pretty solid now, so getting the major basic components up and running was really easy (splash intro, title screen, etc) so I spent the last couple hours getting the entity system started.

I'm up to the point where entities (basic scenery like a tree or whatnot), triggers (door ways, chests, etc), and characters can be loaded and interacted with. Not much of the scripting system is done yet, so I can't do much, but I was able to get an instance of each in the dev environment for testing (the left tree is a character, the middle is an entity, and the right is a trigger):
Attached Image

And here I've triggered the character tree, Magic Talking Tree:
Attached Image

The engine is going to use the same dialogue system as SAGE supports, so I was able to copy most of that over (all but the UI components so far.) So, he has topics, but they don't show up; I'll work on that soon.

Anyway, so far I have finished:
Save/load system
Screen system
Entity system
Collision detection
Character control

I have the following to finish for prototype 1:
Weapons (loading them, making them equippable, and using them)
Combat basics (projectile, projectile collision, damage)
Scripting basics

I kind of forgot enemies on the list above, but I've basically just finished that. Rather than have a specified "enemy", I've implemented a hostility system. This way any character in the game can become hostile. I'm going to take the carefuly route and set the rules that you cannot hurt anything that is friendly (this way stray bullets don't make friendly characters hostile or kill them) and you cannot interact with anything that is hostile. HOWEVER, there is going to be the ability to "command" or "charm" enemies so you could technically interact with a charmed hostile character.


So, basically I want to be able to spawn enemies, run around and kill them, and basic player interaction scripts for the first prototype. Once I have that much done and decide I want to continue on with the project I'll give out a little more info.

Time for a shower and then bed.

One last time, for those that missed it: version 1.0.5 of The Mysterious Life of Aaron James is out. I've added a "Downloads" content block on the right side of my journal here so that it's easy to get to.

Oct 16 2012 05:37 PM
Gotta love re-usable code!!! :)

Looking forward to seeing some action videos!
Oct 16 2012 08:00 PM

Gotta love re-usable code!!! Posted Image

Looking forward to seeing some action videos!

Agreed! It was really nice to start a new project and have basically all of the building blocks done.

I'm definitely looking forward to getting some action videos posted. I'm also thinking of joining you cool kids and narrating the videos, but I'm not sure; people would hear my voice and I'd lose any respect I have lol.

As always, thanks for the comment!
Oct 16 2012 11:19 PM
Don't worry about your voice, half the time I sound half asleep! I lost all respect before I ever made a video. Posted Image

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