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You didn't want to save, right?

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One of these days I'll upload a copy that isn't missing a major features. At the moment, you cannot load save games. I would upload a new version, but I am in the middle of polishing up a bunch of the UI stuff.

Here's a list of the new UI stuff:
1) Add support for more than 4 topics and scrolling. Finished
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2) Correct issues with digit / numpad conversation interaction. Finished
Previously I stated that the you could now press the 1-4 digits or numpad keys to select a topic during conversation. This worked, unless you clicked outside the area of the topics (anywhere above the first topic) at which point the conversation display control would lose focus and the key input would be lost.

3) Support for more than 8 items in your inventory and scrolling.

4) Rework the "inventory bar"

Back to work

Oct 21 2012 09:49 PM
Nice work with adding in scrolling to allow more dialog!

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