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New Update Coming Soon

4: Adsense

I've spent most of this past week working on rewriting the bar scene. I want to add in some more content and give the players a chance to meet the other characters. More importantly though, I've rewritten the updater system.

Previously it would have been very difficult to update the engine or any of the DLLs as the updater ran from the game's executable. I have moved it to a separate exe and have given it the ability to update itself. So, after the release that is coming up, there shouldn't be anymore installers (I'm not making any promises though; I'm fairly confident, but not 100% sure.)

All in all the process seems to be working smoothly now, so hopefully there aren't any issues.

I was going to release the new update tonight, but I ran out of time. I still need to do some testing of the rewrite and fill in some content; I'll have that finished tomorrow and I'll have the new version up tomorrow evening.

I am off to bed!

Oct 29 2012 06:02 AM
Looking forward to the new version!

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