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Weekly Update...is moving

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Hi everyone, I just wanted to pop in to let you know that we are moving our weekly update to Mondays. Trying to hit Friday is just not working out very well for either Mike or myself. Having the weekend to put together videos and the blog posts will definitely make things a lot easier, plus I normally get the most work done over the weekend. By the time I get to making the Friday post, I've had about 4 days of not getting much done, making for a very bleak post (I fail to write down what I do over the weekend and come Friday I just can't remember.)

Facebook Contest
The Facebook contest that I mentioned in the last update (link) is till running. At the time of posting we need 27 more likes before we can do our first drawing.

Indie Spotlight
We're still looking for some indie games to feature on our site and (if we receive permission) our YouTube channel. If you have an indie game that you would like us to put in the spotlight, please let me know. Here are the rules:

We are starting up our Indie Spotlight segment - we'll be playing indie games and doing reviews for them or, if allowed, video gameplay. We'll also be offering to host a copy of the game for download and will put up a page on our site for it.

So, if you are an indie developer and have a game you'd like for us to put in the spotlight and it meets the requirements below, let me know!
  • It can be run on a Windows machine, Android device or iPad
  • It doesn't require illegal software or for us to root/jailbreak our device
The game doesn't have to be free, but it will help your chances of us getting to it. We are not a game reviewer, we just want to help out and this seemed like a great way to do so. We'll only be doing a single game each week to begin with; we may increase this at some point, but I would no count on it.

If you decide to submit your game, please let us know whether or not video gameplay is acceptable and, if so, the type that is acceptable (a single session or a full playthrough.)

That's it for now, we'll be back on Monday with our regularly scheduled Weekly Update.

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